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An elevation certificate is a document that shows the elevation information of a particular structure. Collier County requires an elevation certificate for new construction and substantial improvements to buildings that are located in a Special Flood Hazard Area, flood zones that start with a letter "A" or "V". If Collier County has received a copy an elevation certificate it may be saved digitally on the Elevation Certificate Map. If an elevation certificate does not appear on the map, contact Floodplain Management to see if an elevation certificate is in the archived records or on microfilm. If an elevation certificate is not available, a new elevation certificate needs to be completed.  Here is a list of Professional Surveyor and Mappers that was updated in January of 2017.

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For assistance: Contact the Flood Information Hotline at (239)252-2942 or email

Visit: Growth Management Department, 2800 N. Horseshoe Dr., Naples, FL 34104

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