Stormwater Management

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Stormwater Management activities in Collier County primarily address the planning, design, construction and maintenance of storm water capital facilities to provide drainage and water quality treatment needs for the existing and projected developed areas of the County.

Big Cypress Basin is a sub-agency of the South Florida Water Management District. Big Cypress Basin was created by the Florida legislature in 1977. Through a series of agreements with Collier County, Big Cypress Basin has regulatory control and operation and maintenance responsibility for the primary canal system for the county. As a sub-agency of the South Florida Water Management District, they have taxing authority to raise funding to support their many activities to plan for and manage the water resources within their legally defined basin boundary.  Their offices are located at 2660 N. Horseshoe Dr. #101, Naples, FL 34104

Public Drainage System Maintenance

Surface water runoff is affected by natural and manmade features and is channeled through inlets and pipes, swales, ditches, ponds and lakes, ultimately flowing into the surrounding bays and the Gulf of Mexico. Maintenance of these features is important because debris will obstruct the flow of water causing street and yard flooding. To achieve the best flow capacity, Collier County Road Maintenance Division performs scheduled inspections and maintenance that include the removal ono dumpingf high weeds, clippings, branches, or other debris. For further information, contact the Collier County Road Maintenance Division at (239) 252-8924.

It is illegal to dump trash, cut vegetation, unauthorized chemicals, sediment or waste materials into storm sewer systems, ditches, canals, streams, or bays in Collier County. If you see someone dumping materials into a storm sewer, ditch, canal, stream, or bay please immediately contact the Collier County Code Enforcement Division at (239) 252-2440 .


Private Drainage System Maintenance

Many properties are located within developments with drainage systems maintained by their homeowner association or similar controlling body. The County does not provide maintenance service for these private facilities. It is the responsibility of the private entities to maintain the drainage facilities in compliance with the approved development plans. As a general rule, if the community is gated, the Road Maintenance Division is not responsible for road or drainage maintenance. If the community is non-gated, the Road Maintenance Division is responsible for the streets and the drainage facilities within the street right-of-way. Drainage system components outside of the road right-of-way are the responsibility of the designated association.  For confirmation of maintenance on non-gated communities, contact the Collier County Road Maintenance Division at (239) 252-8924.


For assistance: Contact the Flood Information Hotline at (239)252-2942 or email

Visit: Growth Management Department, 2800 N. Horseshoe Dr., Naples, FL 34104

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