Dangerous Dog Laws

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Regulations & Information

The Animal Control Ordinance provides definitions and procedures by which a dog can officially be declared dangerous in Collier County.  Declared dangerous dogs may be kept by their owners; however, the owners must follow strict rules to ensure public safety.

Definition of Dangerous Dog per Collier County Animal Control Ordinance Chapter 14, Article II, Section 14-36:

1.  Dangerous Dog means any dog that according to the records of the appropriate authority:

  1. Has aggressively bitten, attacked, or endangered or has inflicted severe injury on a human being on public or private property;
  2. Has more than once severely injured or killed a domestic animal while off the owner's property;
  3. Has, when unprovoked, chased or approached a person upon the streets, sidewalks, or any public grounds in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack, provided that such actions are attested to in a sworn statement by one or more persons and dutifully investigated by the appropriate authority.

2.  Unprovoked means that the victim who has been conducting himself or herself peacefully and lawfully has been bitten or chased in a menacing fashion or attacked by a dog. 

3.  Severe injury means any physical injury that results in broken bones, multiple bites, or disfiguring laceration requiring sutures or reconstructive surgery. 

What if you are bitten?
If you have been bitten by any warm blooded animal, contact DAS at 252-PETS (7387).  Be prepared to answer the questions on this form. Click here to learn more about rabies prevention.

The following are registered dangerous dogs in Collier County:


Address   Name  Description  Picture
4143 Kathy Ave.
Naples, FL 34104 
Baby  Spayed, Black and Tan German Shepherd Baby DD 
1363 Delmare Cir.
Naples, FL 34104
Debo Neutered, Tan and White Pit Bull  Debo DD
1910 47th Ave. NE
Naples, FL 34120
BoBo Neutered, Gray and White Pit Bull Mix  Bobo DD
7778 Scarlet Court
Naples, FL 34104
Jax Neutered, Tan and White Greyhound/Collie
Jax DD 
 9047 The Lane
Naples, FL 34109

Spayed, Blue American Staffordshire z


2110 21st Street SW
Naples, FL 34117
Boy Blue  Neutered, Blue and White Pit Bull mix Boy Blue DD 
2100 44th Street SW
Naples, FL 34116
Peaches Spayed, Black and White Pointer mix Peaches DD 
3511 17th Ave. SW
Naples, FL 34117
 Paisley  Spayed, Black and Brown Rottweiler   Paisley
3511 17th Ave. SW
Naples, FL 34117
 Tucker  Neutered, White and Red Pit Bull Terrier   
1990 17th St. SW
Naples, FL 34120
 Akino  Neutered, Brown and White Akita  
 4851 20th Pl. SW
Naples, FL 34116
 Solma Spayed, Brown & White Pit Bull   Solma
823 Buttonbush Ln.
Naples, FL 34108
Peanut & Brutus Neutered Males, Red & Fawn, French
 Brutus Peanut