End of Life Services

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DAS offers affordable end of life services for pet owners for animals with verifiable, untreatable medical conditions, or aggressive animals that pose a public safety risk.  Acceptance of animals for euthanasia is pursuant to Collier County Animal Control Ordinance:

Sec. 14-41. - Disposition of impounded animals.

C. Person(s) wishing to surrender an animal with the request for euthanasia shall be allowed to do so at the discretion of animal services. It is not the policy or practice of animal services to supply "on-demand" euthanasia procedures, but in the interest of relieving a suffering animal, or for aggressive animals that pose a safety risk, animal services may provide the service for a fee, at the Director's or designee's sole discretion.

Animals will not be accepted as an owner requested euthanasia for any other reason.  Owners who request euthanasia for an animal that does not meet the above criteria will be referred to their private-practice veterinarian. 

Animals other than dogs or cats will only be accepted at the discretion of management.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests to be with your animal during the procedure.  If you wish to be with your pet during euthanasia, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with your private-practice veterinarian when the time comes.  

End of life Services and Fees

  • Euthanasia services are offered Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; please call DAS at 239-252-7387 to schedule.   
  • Fees for all services are due when you bring your pet to DAS.   
  • Valid ID and proof of ownership is required.  Please note that DAS cannot proceed with Humane Euthanasia if your pet is microchipped and the microchip is registered to someone else that is not present or available via phone.
  • In home pick-up is available with 24-48 hours advanced notice, additional fees apply. This service is not available on weekends or observed county holidays.
  • Communal cremation is available at a reduced cost for owners who do not wish to keep their pet’s remains.  
  • Private cremation is available through a contracted vendor; fees paid directly to them via phone.  Fees vary from $125-$175 and additional options are available.
  • The remains may also be taken home for burial, immediately following the procedure; no additional fees sustained.

Animals will not be accepted for euthanasia without completion of the appropriate forms, including valid reason for euthanasia, and payment of applicable fees for euthanasia and disposal, pursuant to the established fee policy. 


Prices are subject to change.



Communal Cremation - ashes not returned


Pick-up at residence (includes euthanasia fee)



If you have any questions, or need additional information, please call DAS at (239) 252-7387.