Found A Pet

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If you find a stray animal after-hours and it appears ill or injured, please call

 239-252-9300 to have the on-call Animal Control Officer contact you.

If you find a stray dog or cat, there are several ways you can help reunite the pet with its owner:

Call us at: (239) 252-PETS(7387) and press 3 to speak with a representative and provide us with the following information:

(a) Your name

(b) Your phone number

(c) Detailed description of the pet, including: type (cat or dog), breed, sex, and color(s)

(d) Collier County License Tag number, tag color and license year. Do not remove collar or tags.

(e) Microchip tag and number

(f) If you would like an Animal Control Officer to pick up the found pet.

(g) If you have had the animal scanned for a microchip or; if you would like an Animal Control Officer to come to your residence and scan for a microchip. 

Bring the pet to our shelter:

Collier County Domestic Animal Services 

7610 Davis Boulevard (just east of Santa Barbara)

Naples, FL 34104

239-252-PETS (7387)

Office Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Closed Sundays and all recognized holidays.

Tips for Reuniting a Pet with Its Owner:

  • ID Tags and microchips:  Check the animal for an ID tag and bring the animal to Domestic Animal Services or to a local veterinary clinic to have it scanned for a microchip.
  • Walk the neighborhood:  Take a walk or a slow drive around the neighborhood.  Ask your neighbors if they recognize the pet and know it's owner.
  • Found Pet Posters:  Create a found pet poster.  Post them around the neighborhood, at dog parks, pet stores, veterinary offices, local businesses, etc.
  • Use the internet:  Send emails to your friends, family, colleagues and ask them to share it with their friends and family.
  • Post a picture of the found pet with your contact information on:
    • Facebook- Lost Animals of Collier County FL.
    • is helpful in locating the owner of a found pet.



Collier County Domestic Animal Services is the only agency that accepts stray animals.  People looking for their lost pet come to the shelter with the hope of being reunited with their missing pet.  Therefore, should you choose to hold a found pet in your home, you are first required to complete a Found Dog Report or a Found Cat Report with us, and provide clear photographs of the animal.   

It is important to remember that animals are considered property.  If you are interested in keeping the animal that you found, the best legal way to accomplish this is to surrender the animal to Domestic Animal Services for its legal stray hold.  When surrendering the pet, please complete the adoption application and place an adoption hold on the animal.  If the legal owner does not claim the animal, you will be contacted after the legal stray hold to finalize and adopt the animal.  

Collier County Animal Control Ordinance States:

Sec. 14-39. Disposition of impounded animals.

1. Impounded animals not suspected of having an infectious or contagious disease shall be held for a minimum of five full days (120 hours) to provide time for the animal's owner to notify staff of intent to recover the animal. The Director or designee shall make at least three attempts to contact the owner of an impounded animal, if the owner's identity is known or easily ascertained, before the animal's humane disposition. Dogs, cats, and other animals not claimed within the five-day period, may be adopted. 

The five day (120 hour) hold only applies to animals physically held at Domestic Animal Services.  By holding the animal in your home, you are subject to Florida State Statue, Chapter 705 for lost and abandoned property.  

Sec. 14-34. - Keeping/adopting stray animals.

A. Take the found stray animal to the Division to be scanned for a RFID and checked for a tattoo. An exception to this requirement is for the potential adopter to take the dog or cat to a local veterinarian or another animal shelter to be scanned for an RFID and checked for a tattoo. Proof must be presented to the Division that these requirements have been met. The applicant will not be permitted to adopt a stray dog or cat where an owner is discovered and has not formally forfeited the animal to DAS.

B. Provide the Division with clear identifying color photographs showing the animal from a side view and a front view. Each photograph must have a minimal dimension of three (3) inches by three (3) inches. It is also recommended that the potential adopter place a "found" advertisement in at least one (1) local newspaper of general circulation.

C. Complete an official "found" pet form which provides all appropriate identifying information for the animal.

Please safely confine the pet. Be cautious when caring for a found animal in your home as you are unfamiliar with the animal's health and temperament. It is wise to keep your pets and children away from the found animal for the safety of all involved and to help reduce the extreme stress and fear many pets will experience during this time.