Licensing Information

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Collier County Animal Control Ordinance Chapter 14, Article II Sec. 14-33 requires that the owner of any dog(s) and/or cat(s) over four months obtain a Collier County license and a current rabies vaccination (administered by a licensed vet). Proof of a current rabies vaccination is required to purchase a Collier County License.  

The Benefits!

Collier County Domestic Animal Services has partnered with DocuPet to provide an enhanced pet licensing experience for Collier County pet guardians. By making sure every pet's license tag has the ability to help them get home safe, there's more reasons than ever before to make sure your pet is licensed and always wearing their county tag (nevermind the fact that it's the law!). 

Your county license registration includes:


 All license tags will be delivered by mail along with a DocuPet Welcome package.

Delivery will generally take 5 to 10 days. DocuPet’s toll free telephone number is 1-877-239-6072.

Did you know you are able to purchase or renew your Collier County Rabies/License Tag online or by phone?  

To comply with social distancing requirements, we want to help you avoid unnecessary trips to our shelter.  We highly encourage anyone who needs to purchase a new license or renew their pet’s license to do so online or by phone.  

All Collier County Rabies/License tags are mailed to you directly from DocuPet, whether you  purchase or renew your pets tag at the shelter, online, by phone, or a participating veterinary partner.   There is no longer a reason to make an extra trip to the shelter for your tags, you can take care of it from the convenience or your home.  

To purchase/renew online visit:

 To purchase/renew by phone call:  1-877-239-6072 9am – 8pm Mon-Fri 

If you received a Notice to Comply (NTC) requiring compliance of Collier County Rabies/License Tag or Rabies Vaccination, you can still comply with the requirements without visiting DAS.  Once you purchase your County Rabies/License Tag online, call our main number at (239)252-7387.  You will need to have your Notice to Comply number ready, this is a 6-digit number that begins with V20-, to provide the DAS team member that is assisting you and we can accept the $5.00 (per NTC) compliance fee payment over the phone.  If you are unable to acquire a Rabies Vaccination by a Licensed Veterinarian because of the current COVID-19 situation, please make sure you contact DAS and request an extension from the issuing officer. 

If you received a Notice to Comply (NTC) for a violation of Sec. 14-36, Animal Care, Manner of Keeping which may include: veterinary care, grooming, or shelter, or Sec. 14-48 (3) which requires proof of negative coggins, please email proof of compliance, along with your 6-digit NTC number, beginning with V20- to:  You will receive a confirmation email once you have satisfactorily met your obligation.   

This does not apply to NTC’s issued for tethering violations, an Animal Control Officer will visit your residence to verify compliance.  If you are unsure of the best method to comply, please contact our office at 239-252-7387 and request to speak with the issuing officer, before coming to our facility.

How to Purchase?

  • Online: We encourage you to follow this link to license online.  This choice is available to our citizens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is the most convenient way to get your pet license; this saves you time and gasoline!
    • You will need your animal information as well as your current rabies vaccination document.  Our licensing partners do have to verify current rabies vaccination status to issue the license.
    • If you run into any issues, please call DocuPet toll free at 1-877-239-6072.

  • Mail: Print and mail the license application along with your pet's current rabies certificate to DocuPet.  The certificate must be marked by your veterinarian to indicate if the animal is sterilized if you are applying for the discounted license.
    • Make checks payable to DocuPet
    • Mail your application to: DocuPet, 235 Harrison Street, #61, Syracuse, NY, 13202
  • Please make sure that rabies and spay/neuter certificate copies are legible and that you maintain the original for your files.
  • Phone: Call DocuPet to renew over the phone at 1-877-239-6072.  This option is only available for license renewals with current rabies vaccinations on record with Domestic Animal Services.

  • In Person: Visit Collier County Domestic Animal Services on Davis Boulevard in Naples or a participating licensing agent with up to date rabies documentation.  Note:  Licensing agents may charge a surcharge per license; the cost of the surcharge may not exceed $3.00.

Participating Licensing Agents*:

Affordable PetCare Hospital

3875 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34112

(239) 774-3555

Animal Health Oasis

6720 Lone Oak Bl., Naples, FL 34109

(239) 297-6519

Cat Care Clinic of Naples

4735 Santa Barbara Blvd # 1, Naples, FL 34104

(239) 643-4090

Crossroads Veterinary Clinic

5987 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34119

(239) 455-3335

Faithful Friends Animal Hospital

5052 Pope John Paul II Blvd Ste. 116, Ave Maria, FL 34142

(239) 324-4999

Harborside Animal Clinic

3148 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL 34104

(239) 774-3701

Harmony Animal Hospital

7211 Vanderbilt Beach Rd. Ste. 13 Naples, FL 34119

(239) 384-9934

Humane Society Naples

370 Airport-Pulling Rd N., Naples, Florida 34104

(239) 643-1555

Marquesa Veterinary Clinic

13040 Livingston Rd #6, Naples, FL 34105

(239) 260-4858

North Collier Animal Clinic

10895 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34108

(239) 597-1313

North Naples Veterinary Hospital

2500 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #1110, Naples, FL 34109

(239) 596-7740

Olde Naples Animal Wellness Center

349 14th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

(239) 331-3345

Pebblebrooke Animal Hospital

15215 Collier Blvd # 312, Naples, FL 34119

(239) 354-4701

St. Francis Animal Clinic

5380 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34108

(239) 597-3108

Town and Country Animal Hospital

1828 Santa Barbara Bl. Naples, FL 34116

(239) 353-5060

  *Participating Licensing Agents may or may not be willing to sell licenses to members of the public that are not current clients with them; we suggest that you call prior to stopping by in person to ensure that they offer this service.

Licensing your dog or cat gives Domestic Animal Services and the Collier County Health Department the ability to ensure that domestic pets are vaccinated against Rabies to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. A dog/cat license also provides owner information immediately, should your pet arrive at the shelter wearing its current license.

Additionally, licensing your pet you can actually save money, should your pet become lost and end up at our facility! If you claim your currently licensed and sterilized pet by the end of the legal stray hold, your pet can go home without you having to pay impound and board fees; this is available for one impoundment only.  Other fees, such as microchipping or sterilization, may still be sustained.  

A portion of the cost of the license for dogs and cats less than one year of age, and animals that are not sterilized, goes into a special spay and neuter fund which helps pay for the sterilization of homeless pets in Collier County. 

Your pet's current license replaces the need to pre-register for the Pet Friendly Shelter.  Admission to the shelter is on a first-come, first serve basis for Collier County residents.  Only cats and dogs are accepted at this time.

Collier County impounds nearly 5,000 animals every year. Of those animals, approximately 1,000 animals are wearing licenses, which enable the shelter to contact the animals' owners immediately to return the animal home.

An astonishing 95% of lost pets found with a tag make it back home. 


Effective October 1, 2018, Domestic Animal Services will offer a three-year Rabies/License Tag to coincide with three year rabies vaccinations.

 The cost to license pets varies, depending on the age of the pet, whether the animal is spayed or neutered and if you are purchasing a one-year or a three-year tag.  Prices are as follows: 

One Year Tag

Three Year Tag

Other Fees

  • $15 Rabies/License Tag fee for spayed or neutered pets
  • $35 Rabies/License Tag fee for spayed or neutered pets
  • $5 Late Fee (30 days past due)
  • $15 Rabies/License Tag fee for pets less than a year old
  • $180 Rabies/License Tag fee for unaltered pets older than one year
  • $5 Replacement Tag Fee
  • $60 Rabies/License Tag fee for unaltered pets older than one year





If you choose to sterilize your pet within 30 days of purchase of a $60 license, Domestic Animal Services will issue you a $45 refund if you provide proof of sterilization to Domestic Animal Services within 30 calendar days of purchase.