Lost A Pet

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When you are trying to locate your lost pet, especially if he or she is not wearing a Collier County License, Rabies or ID tag and has not been microchipped, Time is Critical!

Keep in mind that tags can become detached, so don't assume that your pet is wearing identification.

What to do first:

  • If microchipped, call your microchip company to advise them of your lost pet and make sure your name, address, and phone number are up-to-date. 

Tips to help find your lost pet:

  • Find a current and clear photograph of the lost pet and have colored copies made to attach to the Lost Pet Report.
  • You can view pictures of pets in our custody here: or and clicking on Collier Domestic Animal Services.  We strongly encourage you to visit the shelter daily; pictures can be misleading due to lighting conditions, etc.
  • Post a current picture of your pet with your contact information on:
  • Create bright, color lost pet posters.  Post them around the area the animal was lost, at dog parks, pet stores, veterinary offices, local businesses, etc.
  • Drive around your neighborhood; speak to your neighbors, the postal workers, landscapers, etc.  Show them your pet's picture.
  • Place a sign in front of your home with your pet's picture, a water bowl and an article of your worn clothing.

Don't become discouraged!  Lost pets often seek shelter during the hottest part of the day or during storms, so even if you've driven down the same street numerous times, continue looking in the early morning and evening hours.

You must claim your pet in person and provide proof of ownership in one of the forms listed below:

  • Current County Animal License in owner's name
  • Microchip registered in owner's name
  • Current veterinary records in owner's name
  • Bill of sale from breeder in owner's name
  • Adoption contract in owner's name

Collier County Domestic Animal Services is not responsible for your failure to claim your pet.  Stray animals brought to Collier County Domestic Animal Services, per county ordinance, are held for the legal stray time, including closed days and holidays.