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Pre-Hurricane/Storm Questions & Answers

Am I in the evacuation zone? (click to open)

Check for details.

Where are the evacuations zones?

When do I need to leave my home?

Can I stay in my home?

Are schools closed?

Schools are currently open, they are not closed. 

Are we in a State of Emergency?

Not currently. A State of Emergency is declared by the Board of County Commissioners.

Can I bring my pet(s) to the shelter?

Where can the elderly go that have Special Needs?

Can I bring my medication to a Shelter?

Post Hurricane/Storm Questions & Answers

How do I find out where my family members are after they were evacuated?

I am out of state and need someone to check on my elderly parents. Who can do that for me?

What gas stations have gas?

When will my electricity be restored?

Florida Power & Light Power Site: Check out power outages and status

Where can I get ice and water?

Can I take my debris to the landfill?

When will my debris be picked up?

When will the schools be open?

When will the State of Emergency be lifted?

How long will the shelters be open?

How can I contact FEMA?

Where are there debris drop-off sites?

Who can help me move my debris?

 Fire Questions & Answers

Where is the fire located?

Am I in the evacuation zone?

What are the evacuations zones?

Where can I bring my large animals?

Are there shelters open?

Are there special needs shelters?

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