Flooding Information

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Helping to Keep our Flood Insurance Rates Down


The purpose of this page is to inform our community about our historical flooding events and our warning and response systems in place.  This page also serves as a one-stop spot for us to maximize getting points to reduce our community's flood insurance costs.

Background Information:

 - Hurricane Donna Surge (1960) - In 1960, the population in Collier County was about 15,000.  Most of the people resided on the coastline and in the farming community of Immokalee.

 - The whole Hurricane Donna Impact  - This document gives you the detailed story about Hurricane Donna.

 - Hurricane Wilma Surge (2005) - The greatest impact to Collier County was felt near Everglades City.  This map shows the surge values from that storm.

 - Community Nuisance Flooding Map This map represents nuisance flooding, mainly on the roadways.  Such flooding may also affect the wells and septic systems.  Not all areas on the map have the flooding indicated for every event.  The flooded areas are dependent on the storm, how saturated our grounds are that would prevent percolation, etc.

 - Collier County Storm Surge Inundation Map -  If you live in the shaded area indicated on the map, you should have a plan to evacuate, should the order be given.  This map shows shelter locations as well as evacuation routes.

Be Prepared for All the Hazards affecting our Community

What We Do to Meet the Flooding Threat 

- Collier County's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) - About the County's Annex E,  Flood Warning Program.  This citation also describes historical flooding events as well as what we do to inform the public about the flood-water threat.  Annex A (Hazardous Weather Response) addresses our other hazardous weather response activities that relate to the flooding response.

 - Collier County's Multi-Jurisdictional Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS)
        - Section 2 (Hazard Identification & Vulnerability Analysis) - This sections broadly explains the major hazards to Collier and potential impact. 

        - Annex A (Risk Assessments & Hazard Analyses) - In this section we describe in detail the history of the disasters, why only certain events were studied and the areas affected.

        -    Appendix Three to Annex A (Flooding Hazard) - This section specifically focused on the Flood hazard, both non-tropical flooding as well as tropical cyclone storm surge flooding.