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Collier County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

The Collier County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan addresses the major and lesser disaster threats to which the community and its citizens may be subjected.  The plan is designed to provide a framework through which Collier County may prevent or mitigate the impacts of, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural, manmade, and technological hazards that could adversely affect the health, safety and general welfare of residents and visitors to the County.  Additionally, this plan establishes the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as the standard for tasked agencies to use in responding to emergency events.

CEMP Compliance Criteria


Table of Contents

Record of Changes


Executive Summary


Appendix 1 to the Basic Plan (Emergency Support Functions' General Responsibilities)

   ESF- 1 (Transportation)

   ESF - 2 (Communications)

   ESF - 3 (Public Works)

   ESF - 4 (Fire Fighting)

   ESF - 5 (Planning & Intelligence)

   ESF - 6 (Mass Care)

   ESF - 7 (Resource Support)

   ESF - 8 (Health, Medical & Human Services)

   ESF - 9 (Urban Search & Rescue)

   ESF - 10 (Hazardous Materials)

   ESF - 11 (Food & Water)

   ESF - 12 (Energy)

   ESF - 13 (Military Support)

   ESF - 14 (Public Information)

   ESF - 15 (Volunteers & Donations)

   ESF - 16 (Law Enforcement)

   ESF - 17 (Animal Issues)

   ESF - 18 (Business & Industry)

   ESF - 19 (Damage/Impact Assessment???)

Appendix 2 to the Basic Plan (Disaster Forms)

Appendix 3 to the Basic Plan (Sample Declaration Proclamation)

Appendix 4 to the Basic Plan (CEMP Notification List)


ANNEX A (Hazardous Weather Response)

ANNEX B (Terrorism Incident Response)

ANNEX C (Wildfire Operations Response)

ANNEX D (Hurricane Response)

ANNEX E (Flood Warning Program)

ANNEX F (Area Command)

ANNEX G (Pandemic Response)

ANNEX H (Radiological Emergency Preparedness [REP] - Ingestion Pathway)