2012 Collier County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

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2012 CEMP

The Collier County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) was adoption by the Board of County Commissioners on September 11, 2012.  In accordance with the provisions of Rule Chapter 27P-6, Florida Administrative Code (FAC), the Florida Division of Emergency Management has completed its review of the CEMP and found the plan meets CEMP compliance criteria

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Should you have any comments or suggestions about "the plan", please e-mail our department, and put in the subject line "CEMP". 

BCC Resolution #2012-150 adopting the CEMP

City of Naples Resolution adopting the CEMP

City of Marco Island Resolution adopting the CEMP

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Table of Contents

Record of Changes
   - Change 8 posted & updated 3-10-2014


ve Summary


Appendix 1 to the Basic Plan (Emergency Support Function General Responsibilities)
    ESF - 1 (Transportation)
    ESF - 2 (Communications)
    ESF - 3 (Public Works & Engineering)
    ESF - 4 (Firefighting)
    ESF - 5 (Planning & Intelligence)
    ESF - 6 (Mass Care)
    ESF - 7 (Resource Support)
    ESF - 8 (Health, Medical & Human Services)
    ESF - 9 (Urban Search & Rescue)
    ESF - 10 (Hazardous Materials)
    ESF - 11 (Food & Water)
    ESF - 12 (Energy)
    ESF - 13 (Military Support)
    ESF - 14 (Public Information)
    ESF - 15 (Volunteers & Donations)
    ESF - 16 (Law Enforcement)
    ESF - 17 (Animal Issues)
    ESF - 18 (Business & Industry)

Appendix 2 to the Basic Plan (Disaster Accounting Forms)

Appendix 3 to the Basic Plan (Sample Declaration/Proclamation)

Appendix 4 to the Basic Plan (CEMP Notification List)

ANNEX A (Hazardous Weather Response)

ANNEX B (Terrorism Incident Response)

ANNEX C (Wildfire Operations Response)

ANNEX D (Hurricane Response)

ANNEX E (Flood Warning Program)

ANNEX F (Area Command)

ANNEX G (Pandemic Response)