2015 Expired Local Mitigation Strategy

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Section Dedicated for Public Review and Comment

The 2015 Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS)

       The "FEMA Approval Letter".  This LMS will expire on 13 April 2020.

LMS Review Criteria

Book Cover

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Summary of Changes (This page carried over the changes from the 2010 edition for continuity purposes.  This office will continue in this tradition for all future updates.)

Section One - Purpose, Organization & Outreach
Section Two - Hazard Identification & Vulnerability Analysis

Section Three - Local Mitigation Strategy Goals & Objectives

Section Four - Procedures for Prioritizing Hazard Mitigation Initiatives

Section Five - Application Process & Funding Sources

Section Six - Monitoring, Evaluating & Updating the Plan & Incorporation of the Local Mitigation Strategy into Existing Plans

    Annex A - Risk Assessments & Hazards Analyses
(NOTE:  Collier County Floodplain Management Plan referenced can be found by clicking HERE)     
       Appendix 1 - Wildfires
       Appendix 2 - Severe Storms and Tornadoes

    Annex B - Maps

    Annex C
Participating Jurisdictions (Resolutions Adopting this LMS)

          Board of County Commissioners

          City of Naples

          City of Marco Island

          Everglades City

          District School Board of Collier County
          Collier County Mosquito Control District 

          Greater Naples Fire Rescue District

           North Collier Fire Control and Rescue District    

           Immokalee Fire Control District  

           Heritage Bay Community Development District  

    Annex D - Procedures to Assure Public Involvement

    Annex E - Potential Granting Funding Sources
                        (EXCEL SPREADSHEET)

    Annex F - Prioritized Listing of Mitigation Action Items

    Annex G - Meeting Minutes

    Annex H - Local Mitigation Strategy Working Group Membership

    Annex I - Initiative Scoring Criteria

    Annex J - Collier County's Floodplain Plans
          City of Marco Island Annual Progress Report
          City of Naples Annual Progress Report