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Volunteer Organizations

If you are National VOAD, FL VOAD, 501(c)(3) or other established faith-based, volunteer or community organization, please note that Collier County Emergency Management is seeking your cooperation in allowing us to best help our citizens.  We are requesting all agencies notify the Collier County Emergency Management Human Services Program Manager Lauren Bonica,, or 239-252-3608 or 239-252-3600 and notify us of the following:

  1. At least two points of contact with valid phone and e-mail addresses who will be present for the duration of your deployment
  2. Location where you intend to be operating
  3. Number of volunteers in your group and other resources that might have

Additionally, please note that we will respectfully request your cooperation as we seek information to help respond to and recover from the incident.  Some of this requested information might include but is not limited to volunteer check in sheets, photos of your agency at work, ICS214 forms and more.

Individual Volunteers

In Collier County, we classify individual volunteers into two categories, affiliated and spontaneous volunteers.  The former is someone who is already a member of a specific volunteer organization as referenced above.  In that case, we encourage all persons in this category to reach out to their respective chains of command and take direction from those agencies. 

As for the latter, the ultimate goal is to have all spontaneous volunteers affiliate with a volunteer organization as referenced above.  The easiest way to do this would be to accomplish this ahead of time by registering with the agency, usually via that agency’s website.  However, we recognize that this might not always be practical.  In this case, spontaneous volunteers are encouraged to go to the volunteer reception center.  Information on the exact location of the volunteer reception center will be incident specific and updated on this website for each incident.  For any questions about volunteering, please also contact the Collier County Emergency Management Human Services Program Manager Lauren Bonica,, or 239-252-3608 or 239-252-3600.

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