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 EMS Employment Information


At the Collier County Board of County Commissioners' budget meetings held on June 28, 2007, it was announced that effective 5 p.m. on June 29, 2007, the county would be enacting hiring restrictions.   Until further notice, Collier County EMS will be recruiting for and filling only those positions that are deemed as critical to the continued operation of the agency.  There are currently no vacant positions.

Collier County EMS/Fire Service

The call volume for the calendar year 2005 was 40,000 calls. EMS responses are all 911 calls with minimal emergency interfacility transfers. Collier County EMS/Fire currently staff’s 24/7: 22 24-hour units, 5 ALS engines, and 1 helicopter.  Additional seasonal units are staffed as needed.

BEFORE YOU APPLY: You must possess a current Florida State EMT or Paramedic license, BLS card, and or an ACLS card if you are a paramedic. On the day of testing you must also produce a picture ID, valid driver’s license, and your social security card.

All applicants are required to successfully complete the Collier County EMS/Fire new-hire Testing Center.

WRITTEN TEST: This test consist of a 50 question test which will pertain to the position that you are applying for. You must score an 80 per cent to continue in the testing process.

PHYSICAL AGILITY:  The physical agility test requires each applicants ability to perform in the following areas: Push-ups, abdominal crunches, flexibility stretch, stair chair carry, stretcher lifting, step test ( 100 steps a minute for 3 minutes, heart rate and blood pressure checked before and after the test), and a mini-combat challenge exercise which consists of carrying ALS equipment up 3 flights of stairs, performing CPR for 5 minutes on a patient and then back boarding the patient and carrying them back down the stairs, loading the patient on the stretcher).

PRACTICAL EXAM: Each applicant must take a scenario “hands on” exam pertaining to the position they are applying for. The scenario may be a medical or trauma call.

ORAL INTERVIEW: Each applicant will sit in front of the Review Board for a series of situational questions.

All applicants that successfully pass all phases of testing are ranked and considered for employment. Each applicant will go through a vigorous background check (criminal and driving), and physical and drug screening before a conditional offer of employment will be offered by our Human Resources Department.


New employees are all required to attend a “New-Employee Academy” which will last 2 weeks (80 hours). This academy lets each employee before familiar with Collier County EMS/Fire operational procedures and policies, procedures, specialized areas within our department such as Helicopter operations, SORT team, Hazmat and driving of the emergency vehicles. Once the employee has successfully completed the academy, they will be assigned a shift and then assigned to a Field Training Officer/Mentor as a third person until they have completed the necessary objectives are required of their position.


Collier County EMS/Fire offers shift specific work of 24 hours on and 48 hours off. Start time for each shift is 8:30 am.

Starting pay (based on experience) is as follows:

Part time EMT : $12.41 - $17.70 p/h (maximum 160 hours per 2 week pay period) 
Full time EMT : $44, 525 - $65,478 annual

Paramedic I : $46,845 - $68,890 annual
Paramedic II (credentialed) : $49,187 - $72,334 annual
Paramedic Company Officer : $55,077 - $80,995 annual *

Paramedic/Firefighter I : $52,220 - $76,794 annual
Paramedic Firefighter II (credentialed) :  $55,875 - $82,169 annual
Paramedic/Firefighter Company Officer : $72,615 - $106,787 annual *

* Minimum requirements for Company Officer positions include 3 years of credible service with either a career pre-hospital EMS system or fire department and testing.

Overtime rate of “time and one-half” paid on all hours worked over 40 per week.


CCEMS/Fire employees work for the Board of County Commissioners and currently enjoy the benefits as outlined in the bargaining unit contract with Local 1826 of the Southwest Florida Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Union.

Collier County EMS/Fire Department employees enjoy an excellent benefit package. Benefits include very competitive family medical/health plans, dental and vision programs, paid holidays, vacation sell-back programs, short and long Term Disability, Life insurance, separate sick, vacation, personal and bereavement leave, tuition reimbursement, attendance incentive programs, supplemental insurance, deferred compensation, credit union membership, and free employee assistance programs. Details of these benefits can be obtained through contacting Bruce Gastineau.

Full time Collier County EMS/Fire Department employees are also within the “high risk” FRS system which enables each employee to accrue retirement at a much higher percentage rate for each year that they are employees with our agency. In addition, each employee will be provides the following for employment:
• Four (4) pair uniform pants
• Two (2) uniform shirts (class A)
• Two (2) Polo style uniform shirts
• One (1) winter jacket
• One (1) pair of NFPA boots
• One (1) leather Velcro style no buckle belt
• One (1) badge
• One (1) Name Tag/Collar Brass
• Two (2) Jumpsuits
• Six (6) t-shirts
• One (1) accountability name tag system
• Four (4) uniform shorts
• NFPA approved PPE equipment as required
• Employee shall be supplied ink pens for use in completing necessary paperwork