EMS Training

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 EMS Training

When an EMS employee becomes State certified as a paramedic it is merely a first step to becoming a fully credentialed care provider.

They receive in depth instruction in local protocols using state-of-the-art medical equipment such as real-time patient simulation mannequins which can produce medical signs and symptoms such as bleeding and difficulty breathing in order to develop and improve upon their diagnosis and treatment skills.

Then after several weeks of this classroom and simulation training, they are placed with experienced field training officers for months of internship before they are released to practice on their own.

Collier EMS is leading the pre-hospital medical field through its innovative approach to field response and in depth training regimen. Collier EMS developed a medical command or “Medcom” response unit of highly trained and highly experienced medics who are charged with responding to the most critical medical calls to assist standard response units. This innovation helps insure the right medic for the right call in cases when a rarely needed but crucial skill can be provided by these medical specialists.