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 Collier County Emergency Medical Services Organizational Chart  


Tabatha Butcher, 




Tabatha Butcher has been employed with Collier County Emergency Medical Services since 1997 and currently holds the position of Chief. In this capacity she oversees daily operations and personnel. She also serves as the Chair for the Quality Management Committee for the County MedFlight Program where she oversees the Quality Management Program. During her 18 years at Collier County Emergency Medical Services, Tabatha has held various positions, including: Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, Lieutenant, Captain, Flight Paramedic and Battalion Chief.
Tabatha earned her Associate’s Degree in Emergency Medical Services Technology from Edison State College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration- graduation in spring 2016. In addition she is a 2014 graduate of the Certified Public Manager Program administered by the Florida Center for Public Management, which is part of the Askew School of Public Administration at Florida State University. Tabatha is an experienced instructor of American Heart Association courses, including: Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.
Tabatha served as an EMS representative on the EMS Advisory Council and is currently enrolled in the Leadership Collier Program with the Naples Chamber of Commerce.


Tony Camps, Deputy Chief of Special Operations

Tony Camps has been employed by Collier County EMS (CCEMS) Since December 1999. Deputy Chief Camps started his career at CCEMS as a Paramedic trainee and within one year was promoted to Paramedic after successfully passing the County credentialing process and in 2001, Camps was promoted to Lieutenant. Shortly thereafter; he successfully completed the Bureau of Fire Training Minimum Standards and joined the ALS Engine program. In 2001, he joined the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and in 2008 the Tactical Medic program. In 2010, Camps was promoted to Battalion Chief, a position in which he supervised daily shift operations, apparatus, special operations personnel and response. In 2013 Camps was promoted to Deputy Chief of Special Operations.
Deputy Chief Camps holds a Certified Public Manager certification from the Florida Center of Public Management at The Florida State University, a Bureau of Fire Training and Standard - State of Florida Firefighter certification along with several certifications in the specialties and disciplines under his supervision.


Noemi Fraguela, Deputy Chief

Noemi Fraguela was employed with Collier County EMS in November 1987. Deputy Chief Fraguela began her career as a Paramedic and within 6 months successfully passed the County Credentialing process. In 1995 Fraguela was promoted to a Paramedic Field Training Officer where she trained many new paramedics. Fraguela also mentored many EMT and Paramedic students from the local colleges. In 199, Fraguela was promoted to Lieutenant and specialized in product testing for the EMS department. In January 2000 Fraguela was promoted to Captain/AED Coordinator where she took the AED program from 50 AED units County wide to over 1800 units within lay & first responder sites. In 2005, Fraguela became affiliate faculty at Physician’s Regional Hospital (FKA Cleveland Clinic) to facilitate training for the EMS Department. December 2012, Fraguela created and implemented the first AED Inspector Program to facilitate the readiness of lay public AEDs throughout Collier County. In August 2015 Fraguela was promoted to Deputy Chief of Training where the team has already worked together to create many notable ideas for enhancing training and education for the EMS Department and its allied agencies.
Deputy Chief Fraguela holds many instructorships to include Basic Volunteer Fire Fighter, Basic and Advanced Life Support, Pediatric Life Support, Advanced Stroke Life Support, 12-Lead ECG Instructor, International Trauma Life Support and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).


Kori Louro, Captain

Captain Louro started her career at Collier County EMS as an EMT in January of 2006. Louro was promoted to Paramedic within her first year after successfully completing the County Credentialing process. In 2006, Louro also completed her Associates of Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services from Edison State College. In 2009, Louro graduated from Edison State College nursing school with her RN degree. In 2012, Louro was promoted to Field Training Officer where she trained paramedics for their County Credentialing. In September of 2014, Louro was promoted to Training Captain where she has served training field personnel.  


Arthur Wolf, Captain

Arthur Wolf has been employed by Collier County EMS since July of 2003. He came to Collier County from New Jersey where he worked as a paramedic since 1983. Wolf started his career at EMS as a non-credentialed paramedic, successfully passing the County credentialing process within one year. In 2005, Wolf was promoted to Lieutenant. In 2006 he became a Field Training Officer where he served in a position of training field personnel for County credentialing. In 2014 he was promoted to Training Captain.
Captain Wolf holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from Washington University in St. Louis. He has been an instructor in Emergency Medical Services Technology, CPR, ACLS, and ITLS for over 12 years.


Anthony Maro, Captain

Captain Anthony Maro has been employed by Collier County EMS since September 2006. Maro came to Collier EMS from Pennsylvania with 17 years experience as a 911 first responder. Maro also has 2 years military experience as a Navy Hospital Corpsman. Maro successfully passed the County credentialing process after two months of full time employment. In 2007, Maro was promoted to Company officer and took on the responsibilities of a Field Training Officer. As an FTO, he trained new and experienced paramedics on treatment modalities to improve their skills and help them provide quality medical care. In 2008, Maro was promoted to the Collier County Tactical Medic program, where he soon became the Tactical Medic Team Leader. Maro held the position of Team leader for the Tactical Team until October 2014. In December of 2014 Maro was promoted to Training Captain where he works on the continuing education for the entire EMS Department and allied agencies.
Captain Maro is a National Registered Paramedic and is an instructor for CPR/First Aid, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, International Trauma Life Support and Water Egress.


Thomas Ouillette, Captain

Tom Ouillette has been employed by Collier County EMS since September of 1994 as a part-time EMT. Ouillette was promoted to full time EMT in November of 1995. In May of 1996 he was promoted to Paramedic- after successfully passing the County credentialing process. In December of 1997, Ouillette was promoted to Paramedic Lieutenant. In July of 2002, Ouillette was promoted to Field Training Officer (FTO). Here he was charged with the training of state certified Paramedics, leading them to obtain County credentialing with the Medical Director. Over the next thirteen years, Tom Ouillette has continually tested for, and maintained his FTO position. In November of 2015 Tom Ouillette was promoted to Training Captain.
Tom Ouillette has completed course work in Emergency Medical Services Technology. He has also completed:
Firefighter 1 training in July of 1996
Air crew curriculum course in 2015
ITLS instructor in May 2015
ACLS instructor in October 2015
PALS instructor in October 2015


Matt Allen, Captain

Matthew Allen has been employed with Collier County EMS since March 2007.  Matthew graduated from Millikin University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication.  In the spring of the same year, Matthew completed his EMT curriculum and began working for a transport service in Chicago.  Matthew worked three years for the transport company during which time he completed Paramedic school and by the beginning of 2006 was a Nationally Registered Paramedic.  After moving to Florida is 2006, Matthew worked for Broward General Hospital in the ER prior to accepting employment with Collier County EMS.  While working for Collier County EMS, Matthew became county certified in 2007 and completed the first Tactical Medic testing and accepted that position in 2008.   In 2014, Matthew became the Honor Guard Team Leader and in 2015 the Waterborne Strike Team  - team leader.  Matthew was promoted to Training Captain in May of 2015.