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    MedFlight is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The crew consists of two flight paramedics and one pilot. They provide pre-hospital life support and a complete complement of cardiac life support medications in addition to 30 other medications. On board equipment allows automatic blood pressure, electrocardiograms, pulse oximeter, arterial line and oxygen monitoring, R.S.I. (Rapid Sequence Induction), ventilators, in addition to defribrillator pacer technology. MedFlight can transport two patients, as well as three crew members.

    Our pilots are all highly trained with an average flight time experience of nearly 5000 hours.  The pilots are required to have an FAA Instrument Certificate and are required to undergo yearly training & testing under the strict guidelines outlined in FAA Part 135 rules.  All pilots are trained & evaluated utilizing ANVIS-9 Night Vision Goggles.  This tool allows for a greater safety margin while operating the aircraft at night.

    Our highly trained and experienced Flight Paramedics undergo specialized training to be a member of MedFlight.  This training consists of advanced airway and cardiac medications for adult and pediatric patients, and administering paralytic medications for RSI, water egress training ("dunker training"), etc.  

     MedFlight maintenance is performed by our highly skilled and experienced maintenance team which consists of a Director of Maintenance and mechanics.  They perform daily inspections on the aircraft as well as any scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.  All tasks are performed under the guidelines set forth in the FAA Part 135 regulations.

    Collier County MedFlight is a CAMTS (The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services) accredited service.


MedFlight Scope of Care

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Location:  Naples Municiple Airport
                2375 Tower Drive
                Naples, FL 34104
                For emergencies dial 911