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MedFlight's primary duty is on-scene medevac trauma transport to hospitals.  We also provide hospital to hospital transport to facilitate care.  Listed below is a brief explanation of our missions and our response map.

Area Response Map   - Click here to see MedFlight's Response Times

Scene / Trauma

This is MedFlight’s primary duty and most critical. MedFlight responds to calls throughout Collier County day or night. We are a first responder to any emergencies that occur on I-75 east of the toll plaza to the Miami-Dade county line, during daylight hours. In addition to 100% coverage of Collier County, MedFlight has several mutual aid agreements with bordering counties.

On average MedFlight responds to a call within 3-5 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


      • Rapid Critical Response
      • Advanced life support
      • Rapid transport to the hospital
      • Traffic delays do not affect us

            At the Scene

      • Once on scene our highly skilled and experienced Paramedics will assess the patients condition, stabilize as necessary, and load the patient into the aircraft. Once the patient is loaded the pilot will rapidly and safely transport the patient and medical crew to the nearest appropriate hospital based on the needs of the patient and injuries.
      • MedFlight is the only SW Florida EMS helicopter set-up to routinely transport 2 patients simultaneously.
      • Our goal, 10 minutes or less at the scene.

Intrafacility Transport

MedFlight can transport medical patients from tertiary care facilities to primary hospitals, burn centers, or trauma facilities as well as to specialty hospitals for cardiac, neurological, pulmonary, or pediatric care.


      • Reduced transport time (primarily care requires out of county transport)
      • High level of care while in the care of MedFlight Paramedics


      • MedFlight can transport patients from one facility to another within approximately 250 miles from Naples. Some of our destinations include: Miami Childrens, Miami Jackson Memorial, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Lee County, and many others.
      • We are not hindered by traffic allowing us to make a trip to Tampa, for instance, in approximately 1 hour and Miami in 45 minutes.
      • Our onboard medical staff have the ability to perform advanced life support as well as advanced monitoring capabilies.