Environmental Permit Review Contacts

Main Number : (239) 252-2400

Types of Permits Contact any of the Staff below:
After-the-Fact Vegetation Removal Permits Informal Wetland Determination
Agricultural Clearing Permits Gopher Tortoises
Area of Critical State Concern Invasive Exotics
Beach Events Permit Protected Species
Coastal Construction Setback Line Permits PUD monitoring (environmental)
Commercial Landscaping Violations Red Cockaded Woodpeckers (RCW)
Consistency Determinations Sea Turtle Permits
Endangered Species Violations Special Treatment Overlay
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Vegetation Removal Permits
Exotic Vegetation Removal Permits Vegetation Removal & Site Filling Permits

Vehicle on the Beach Permits

 Other Environmental Phone Numbers & Links

Environmental Violations

Code Enforcement


Residental/Commericial Landscaping DEP - Wetlands 5 acres or less


 Permit Review Staff Contact Information

 Kirsten Wilkie

 Environmental Services Manager

Phone 252-5518    


 Jaime Cook

 Principal Environmental Specialist

Phone 252-6290



 Senior Environmental Specialist



Phone 252-2915


 Craig Brown

 Senior Environmental Specialist 

Phone 252-2548



 Michaelle Crowley

 Environmental Specialist

Phone 252-2972



 Tabatha Cole

 Environmental Specialist 

Phone 252-2681


Contact us by e-mail or (239) 252-2400
2800 North Horseshoe Drive;  Naples, FL 34104

Updated Last - 03/25/19