Australian Pine (Casurina spp.)

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Australian Pine 1


  • Tall, shallow rooted evergreen tree growing 150 feet tall;
  • Long, thin branches; Rough, reddish brown to gray bark;
  • Small cone-like fruit with winged seeds


  1. Throughout coastal Florida
  2. Beaches, sandbars, islands, sandy areas

Australian Pine 2Reasons it should be removed:

  1. Causes increased beach erosion due to the thick, shallow roots and shading out of the preferred dune stabilizing plants; refraction of waves lowers beach profile and width
  2. Easily blown over during hurricanes posing a threat to utilities
  3. Provides poor habitats with little food for native wildlife
  4. Quickly re-sprouts when cut; 5 - 10 feet per year
  5. Leaf litter chemically prevents native plant growth

Australian Pine 3

Method of Removal

  1. Hand pull seedlings
  2. Chainsaw mature trees and treat stump with commercially available herbicide such as Roundup Super Concentrate

Content updated Date June 18, 2004