Carrotwood (Cupaniopsis Anacardioides)

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* Fast-growing evergreen tree that grows to a height of about 35 feetCarrotWoodTree

* The leaves are large and compound, made up of 4-10 oblong leaflets, each

4-8 inches long and attached by a swollen stalk.

* Clusters of small, greenish-white flowers are borne on stalks that emerge

from leaf axils.

* The fruit is a bright yellow, three-lobed capsule which, when ripe splits open to expose 3 shiny black seeds encased in red or orange fleshy tissue.



* Variety of natural communities, coastal hammocks, dunes, coastal strand,

sand pine scrub, slash pine flatwoods, mangrove swamps, cypress swamps,

freshwater marshes and river banks

* Tolerant of salt, poor soils, poor drainage, sunlight and shade

Reasons it should be removed:

* Forms dense monocultures, crowding out and out-competing native plants

for available light and nutrients

* Increases stress on remaining hammocks


Updated December 28, 2009