Catclaw Mimosa (Mimosa pigra)

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Catclaw Mimosa 1

  • Thicket forming shrub reaching 4-20 feet in height;
  • Dangerously sharp recurved thorns on stems and leaves;
  • Pink flowers arranged in a head;
  • Clusters of flat, brown pods 3-4 inches in length.


  1. Disturbed areas near water, road ways, and marine habitats;
  2. Highlands country in central Florida southward.

Catclaw Mimosa 2
Reasons it should be removed:

  1. Causes extensive damage to natural and cultivated ecosystems
  2. Can withstand being flooding, allowing it to invade wetland areas
  3. Produces seeds year round that are viable for many years

Method of removal:

  1. Manual pulling of plant;
  2. Repeated reinspections of site are required to prevent new growth from seeds.

Content updated Date June 18, 2004