Earleaf Acacia (Acacia auriculiformis )

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Earleaf Acacia 1

  • Weak-wooded spindly evergreen tree reaching 30 feet in height;
  • Leaves are crescent-shaped and stiff;
  • Spiral seedpods develop after yellow flowers;


  1. Ranges from dry subtropical to moist to wet forests
  2. Pinelands and disturbed areas

Earleaf Acacia 2
Reasons it should be removed:

  1. Grows into a very large tree and can invade established, closed-canopy forests;
  2. Invades numerous forest types, from dry upland scrub to rich hammock;
  3. Potential wind hazard to residences and utilities.

Method of removal:

  1. Chainsaw adult tree and treat stump with commercially available herbicide;
  2. Hand pull seedlings.

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