Lather Leaf (Colubrina asiatica)

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Lather Leaf 1

  • Low rambling, twining shrub with climbing or drooping branches
  • Pale, somewhat rough bark
  • Greenish-white flowers in July, brown fruit
  • Shiny, green, egg shaped leaves with toothed edges

Lather Leaf 2

  1. East and west coast of central and south Florida;
  2. Coastal beach and dune vegetation, coastal hammocks;
  3. Tropical hardwood forests.

Reasons it should be removed:

  1. It can form a thick mat of tangling stems which are virtually impenetrable;
  2. Its climbing growth allows it to grow over the native vegetation canopy and can shade out native flora;
  3. Replaces communities of buttonwood, mangrove and mangrove fringe communities.

Method of removal:

  1. Manual removal of plant;
  2. Follow up visits are necessary to assure removal.

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