Melaleuca (Melaleuca quinquenervia)

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Melaleuca 1

  • Tall tree growing 50 -90 feet tall;
  • Spongy, white, paper-like bark;
  • Gray-green oval leaves;
  • White flowers in brush-like spikes in Spring.


  1. Central and South Florida;
  2. Residential yards, lakes, wet pine flatwoods and wetlands;
  3. Flourishes in standing water.

Melaleuca 2
Reasons it should be removed:

  1. Trees are highly flammable;
  2. Destroys the Everglades by replacing other habitats; 50 acres per day;
  3. When it is stressed by fire, frost, or herbicide treatment it releases large quantities of seeds creating impenetrable areas;
  4. Flowers produce noxious chemicals that cause respiratory problems for many people;

Melaleuca 3

Method of removal:

  1. Manual removal of seedlings;
  2. Chainsaw mature trees and treat stump with commercially available herbicide;
  3. Follow up visits are necessary to assure removal.

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