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New Special Needs Registry Website and Email Notifications

The Florida Department of Health, in coordination with county health departments and county emergency management agencies, has developed a registry for persons with special needs to register to receive assistance during a disaster. If you previously registered online with our Special Needs Registry, you may receive an email from the Florida Department of Health advising you visit the new registry website and create new credentials. This email is a valid email and is NOT spam. If you are new to our site and wish to register, visit the following website:


Collier County Special Needs Registry Overview and New Registration Website

Welcome to the Special Needs Program registry! Life safety is number 1 in our book and we need you to help us exceed this expectation! This registry is not a shelter registration form. The Collier County shelter is considered a shelter of last resort. Residents should exhaust every effort to make alternative arrangements with a health agency, care facility, friends, or family for shelter needs during an emergency. Due to the high volume of residents seeking shelter, conditions are stressful, loud, crowded and may be uncomfortable for patients.

Program Guidelines

Collier County Emergency Management in collaboration with the Florida Department of Health maintains a Special Needs Registry. This is not a shelter registration form. In the event of a disaster, Collier County along with the Collier County Health Department will strive to provide special medical sheltering and/or transportation to a special needs shelter on a critical priority medical basis. Registering with the Special Needs Program automatically enrolls you in ALERT Collier for emergency communications. 

Registration Criteria

1. You have a medical or physical need that may require professional assistance during an evacuation and sheltering situation but you do not require transportation to the shelter.

2. You have a medical or physical need that may require professional assistance during an evacuation and sheltering situation and do require transportation to the shelter.

3. If you are age 60 or above and have no medical needs but require transportation to the shelter during an evacuation and sheltering situation. 

What Happens During An Emergency If I Register?

Life safety is our number one priority. Completing the Florida Special Needs Registry does not automatically qualify an individual for the special needs shelter. Stay tuned to the local news, social media and family or friends who may be a good support system during a pending emergency. Information will be provided by Collier County Emergency Management regarding evacuation and sheltering. When appropriate, a recorded emergency message may be sent to the phone numbers on file. Also, shelters with medical care for critical care patients are limited, for this reason, some registrants may go to a traditional shelter, while others may go to a medical facility. If the shelter we had identified for special needs is in the path of a storm, or threat of a wild fire, we reserve the right to use a different shelter.

Together, we will come up with the best emergency option for you!

Registration Forms-for individual residents

We invite home health support teams to use the electronic database (snr.flhealthresponse.com) to better assist their clients


Special Needs Form MASTER (English)

Special Needs Information and Guidelines Sheet (English)


 Special Needs Form Master (Spanish)

Special Needs Information and Guidelines Sheet (Spanish)


Special Needs Form MASTER (Creole)

Special Needs Information and Guidelines Sheet (Creole)


Pet Registration 

Depending on the emergency, certain shelters will be pet friendly. Service animals are allowed in the shelters. If you do have a service animal you are required to bring to the shelter: food, water, feeding dishes, extra leash, vaccination records, and waste bags. If you have a pet please make advanced arrangements as space is limited.

Have the following items on hand for your pet sheltering plan:

  • Current Vaccination Records
  • Food & Water for 14 Days
  • Feeding Dishes/Bedding
  • Pet Carrier Label w/ name, address, and phone number

If necessary, the County's Domestic Animal Services may be able to shelter pets for those persons with the Special Needs Program if you cannot make other arrangements. Please register with the Department of Animal Services by calling (239) 252-7387. Shelter capacity is limited.



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Contact Us! 

If you have any questions about your Collier County Special Needs Program, or if you have a speaking request for your organization or group, please feel free to contact us. Our office hours are Monday - Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM. 


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