Janitorial Services

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The Department of Facilities Management provides janitorial services, through an outside vendor, to approximately 135 County owned and leased buildings totaling 1,700,000 square feet. The janitorial contractor is responsible for furnishing all necessary labor, tools, equipment, supplies, maintenance and any other necessary accessories and services to perform the janitorial services specified in the contract. These services include daily dusting, vacuuming, widow cleaning, carpet cleaning, trash and recyclable material removal from offices. In addition, our janitorial service company plays an important role in insuring that office spaces are free of dust and debris that may effect indoor air quality.

Green Cleaning

In accordance with the recommendations from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the new janitorial contract with OneSource, Inc. specifies the use of “Green” cleaning chemicals along with all paper and soap products. All have met or exceeded Green Seal’s certification standards set by the EPA. To learn more about OneSource’s “Green Sweep” program go to If you have any further questions about Facilities movement to Green Cleaning please contact Ann Simpson  (239) 252-8380.

Indoor Air Quality

Our janitorial contractor plays a vital role in keeping all office space and main lobby areas free from dust and debris that may affect indoor air quality. Provided to the janitorial contractor are vacuums (0.3 micron filtration system and dual motors), bags and filters with monthly monitoring of the devices by Facilities personnel.

Special Services

The janitorial contractor provides many special services to all County facilities. Special services may mean carpet cleaning (at a location not under the contract) or cleaning a space due to construction or renovations. In the event of a disaster, the janitorial contractor is on-call to provide any support services necessary to insure the safety and well being of all employees and visitors to any County facility.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Janitorial Services, please contact Ann Simpson (239) 252-8380