Frequently Asked Questions

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Question:  Can I apply for a position after it has closed?
Answer:  We do not accept any applications for closed positions.


Question:  Can I submit my application for a position that is not posted?
Answer:  We do not accept any unsolicited applications. Please complete a job interest card so that you are notified the next time a position is available.


Question:  Can I apply for an Internal Opening?
Answer:  Only current Board of County Commissioner employees are eligible to apply for a position that is marked "Internal Only".  Employees must meet all guidelines for internal preference to be considered on these.


Question:  How do I know if a position has closed on the Internet?
Answer:  Once a position is officially closed it is removed from the website. 


Question:  How do I apply for Veteran's Preference?
Answer:  A DD-214 must be submitted along with the employment application to Human Resources. 


Question:  When will I hear back from Collier County Board of County Commissioners?
Answer:  Collier County Board of County Commissioners will contact you via email when a position you have applied to and qualify for is filled, closed or put on hold.  The timeframe to hear back varies by hiring division.  Human Resources is unable to provide application updates until the hiring division reports them so please be patient. 


Question:  What does the exam score mean?
Answer:  Exam scores are used to rank and sort applications and to determine those applicants who do not meet all requirements.  Applications are scored based on your answers to the supplemental questions.  These questions vary by job posting so your scores could vary even on positions of the same title.   Your answers to the supplemental questions must be verified in your work history so make sure everything is listed and updated on the application.  Since all question information must be verified, a high score alone is not necessarily used to determine whether you will be offered an interview.


Question:  Why is my application in “failed” status?
Answer:  Your application may be in a “failed” status if you answered that you do not meet one or more of the requirements of the position.  Applications may also be in a “failed” status if Human Resources was unable to verify from your application that you possessed all the requirements.  Please note that Collier County Board of County Commissioners does not send notifications to applicants in a “failed” status.