Veterans' Preference

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Applicants applying for positions with the Collier County Board of County Commissioners may be eligible for Veterans' Preference in accordance with Section 295.07 of the Florida Statutes which provides for Veterans’ Preference in hiring and retention.  Additional rules for Veterans’ Preference are outlined in Florida Administrative Code (and Florida Administrative Register) FAC 55A-7.

More information about this program and eligibility is located HERE.

Claiming Preference:

In order to claim Veterans’ Preference, you must:

  • Request the preference on our job application 

  • Submit your documents to Human Resources at the time of your application, but no later than the posted closing date and time.

    • Link to Forms 

      • VP-1 Veterans’ Preference Certification Form

      • VP-2 Reserve Certification Form

      • VP-3 Unremarried Widow or Widower Certification Form

      • Applicants may submit: a Veterans’ Preference Certification, FDVA form VP-1, or a simple letter, form, or other written application containing essentially the same information.  

    •  Documents may be submitted to:    

      • Scanned/emailed to

      • Faxed to 239-252-6618

      • Dropped off or mailed to:

        Collier County Human Resources Division

        3303 East Tamiami Trail

        Naples, Florida 34112

Documents Required:

1. DD Form 214

a) Disabled Veterans shall also furnish a document from the DoD or the DVA establishing that the Veteran has a service-connected disability. The type of disability does not have to be disclosed in most cases.

2. Spouses of disabled Veterans shall furnish an Award Letter stating that they are entitled to benefits under Chapter 35 from the VA or the DoD. This confirms that the Veteran is totally and permanently disabled. The spouse should also have an identification card issued by the DoD; spouses shall also furnish a marriage certificate or other official evidence of marriage to the Veteran and a statement that the spouse is still married to the Veteran at the time of the application for employment.

3. An un-remarried widow or widower of a Veteran who died of a service-connected disability shall supply documentation from the VA indicating the cause of death.

4. Spouses of active duty member shall furnish the following documents:

a) DoD or DVA documentation certifying that the Veteran is listed as missing in action, captured in line of duty, or forcibly detained or interned in line of duty by a foreign government or power.

b) Evidence of marriage.

c) Statement that the spouse is married to the Veteran on active duty at the time of application for employment.

5. The mother, father, legal guardian, or un-remarried widow or widower of a deceased Veteran shall furnish a document from the DoD showing the death of service member while on-duty status under combat-related conditions or the DVA certifying the service-connected death of the Veteran, and shall further furnish evidence of marriage. The legal guardian shall show the court documents establishing the Guardianship.

6. Current Reserve members and National Guard members should provide a signed memorandum from their military supervisor confirming their Active status in the Reserves or Guard.

A Veteran MUST have been discharged with nothing less than an “HONORABLE” discharge. If a DD 214 was not provided, the applicant should provide a copy of their orders, and a signed memorandum from their military supervisor confirming their Honorable service.


All persons seeking Veterans’ Preference shall attempt to contact Human Resources or other designated contact at least one time after 45 days have passed, but not longer than 90 days from the final date for submitting an application or the interview date, whichever is later in time, and shall document such attempt, if the applicant has not received notice of a hiring decision from the employer. If the employer does respond to the attempted contact, the applicant has 60 days from that attempt date to file a complaint with FDVA.

For more information, call (727) 518-3202, Ext. 5511 or email