Medical Examiner Law

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The Medical Examiner jurisdiction is determined by Florida Statute 406, The Medical Examiner Law. In particular, Florida Statute 406.11 lists the circumstances that will require medical examiner involvement, which are as follows: 

    1. Of criminal violence; 
    2. By accident; 
    3. By suicide; 
    4. Suddenly, when in apparent good health; 
    5. Unattended by a practicing physician or other recognized practitioner; 
    6. In prison or penal institution; 
    7. In police custody; 
    8. In suspicious or unusual circumstance; 
    9. By criminal abortion; 
    10. By poison; 
    11. By disease constituting a threat to public health; 
    12. By disease, injury or toxic agent resulting from employment; 

    b) When a dead body is brought into the state without proper medical certification; 
    c) When a body is to be cremated, dissected or buried at sea.