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Pursuant to Florida State Statute and the Collier County Ordinance, any person, firm, partnership, corporation or other legal entity who engages in any construction contracting business, or advertises or represents himself/herself as such, must have a county contractor license/certificate of competency or be state-certified contractor. IT IS UNLAWFUL TO CONTRACT WITHOUT A CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY!


Specialty License Renewals - Start August 1, 2019

Renewal for Specialty, State Registered, Journeyman, and Dormant licenses:

  • View the renewal form by clicking the above license type that matches the current license being renewed.  
  • Return the completed form, requested documents, and the appropriate fee by mail, email, or in person by September 30th.
  • If emailed, once the renewal is processed, you will receive an email with the link to pay the fee.

If received after September 30th, late fees will apply at $20.00 per month. If the license is not renewed by December 31st, it will be in Suspend status. It will then require a Reinstatement Application and application fees as well as current renewal/late fees.

State-Certified Contractors: How to Register

All state-certified contractors may complete the voluntary registration form and submit a $45.00 fee to have their information with Collier County. The registrant will be able to use the online portal to pull E-permits and order inspections within the county. Registration renewals are based on the expiration date indicated on the state license.



Certification Categories

For a list of trades requiring a license within Collier County and the requisite years of experience, consult the Trades List. For further information on the experience requirements for each trade and the scope of work a licensed contractor in the trade is qualified to perform, refer to the Collier County Contractors’ Licensing Board Ordinance, Article V. Building Trades.

Sponsorship Application

 All applicants for a Collier County certificate of competency are required to apply for sponsorship with the county. The sponsorship application is available here. The $130.00 examination fee is due at the time of sponsorship application. The application and fee are valid for 6 months and are nonrefundable and not transferable. Please include a copy of your driver’s license along with the sponsorship application and fee.

Test Agencies

Collier County recognizes three testing agencies: Gainesville Independent Testing Services, Inc. (GITS), Prometric, and Prov. More information about each, including the trade examinations offered, is given on the individual agency pages listed below. Please contact the test agencies directly for information on study materials and test dates and locations. Note that some specialties require a Business and Law exam only, while others must complete and pass both the Business and Law exam and a Trade exam.

Submitting the Application

After the exam(s) is taken and passed with a score of 75% or greater, you may submit an application for a Collier County certificate  of competency. Applications may be obtained in person, or via email, fax, phone request, or via the links provided below.

Collier County Ordinance No. 2006-46, as amended, states that in order to obtain a certificate of competency an applicant must prove practical experience in his or her trade, plus other requirements (i.e. insurance, credit report(s), etc.). Please understand that if you fail to meet these requirements, your application will be referred to the contractor licensing board for full review and your application could be disqualified, even though you may have passed the exam(s).



County licenses expire on September 30 every year! Renewals will be mailed in mid-July.


Additional Applications

Second Entity Application

This application must be completed by contracting entities that are requesting to qualify a second entity or requesting a change to an existing second entity qualification. The applicant and presidents/partners/owners of all companies involved must sign the application.

Journeyman Application

This application requires verification of competency and 10 years of experience in the electrical, plumbing, or mechanical trades.


To obtain a Maintenance License, "Handyman", please contact the Business Tax Office (Occupational) at (239) 252-2477. Note: Please review the link provided, and be advised that items not mentioned on the list may require you to contact the Contractor Licensing Office for further information or direction. Maintenance License Can Do List

Reinstatement Applications for Specialty License

License in a Suspend status? Below are the checklists and applications if you forgot to renew your license with us by December 31st, 2018. Please include all of the required documents and submit by mail or in person for review by the Licensing Supervisor. Fees that will apply include Reinstatement, Renewal, and Late Fees. Please contact our office for your fee total before submitting the application.  

If you didn't renew in 2017 or prior, you will need to contact our office for us to go over your record with you.


Are you considering remodeling your home, installing a pool or pool cage, building an addition, or having mechanical, electrical, or plumbing work done?

The biggest protection against unsafe, faulty construction work is to make sure the contractor you hire has a license from either Collier County or the State of Florida. By using licensed contractors you can save yourself time, worry, money, and feel safe from injury.

To find out more about licensed and unlicensed contractors, click the links below: 

Licensing Status and Tracking

If you want to check the status of a contractor, submit a complaint, or check the status of a complaint, please access our public portal at the link below. 


In addition to the online portal mentioned above, you may submit a complaint via fax or email using the Contractor Complaint Form.


Handymen are not licensed contractors. Instead, they are required to have an occupational license issued by the Collier County Business Tax Office and may only provide the services indicated in the Maintenance License Can Do List.

Please contact the Business Tax Office at (239) 252-2477 for further details on what services handymen may and may not provide.

Additional Resources

Contractor License Ordinances

Contractor Forms:

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