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The Zoning Services Section is responsible for providing zoning and assistance to the general public, processing zoning petitions, reviewing plans for conformance to the County’s codes, and providing technical assistance to:
  --The Collier County Planning Commission (CCPC),
  --The Historic and Archaeological Board (HAB), and
  --The GMD-Business Center where all development 
     applications are received and processed.






     For general zoning questions and information,       
please contact the Business Center at (239) 252-5250

Planners are assigned by project.  If you have been assigned a planner please use the list below; otherwise, please contact the Business Center to ascertain the name of your assigned planner or to inquire if someone else may be able to assist you.

Zoning Services Section Staff Information:
Ray Bellows Zoning Planning Manager (239) 252-2463
Nancy Gundlach Principal Planner (239) 252-2484
John Kelly Planner (Zoning Verifications) (239) 252-5719


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