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Adaptive Recreation

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Adaptive Recreation

Collier County Parks & Recreation
Adaptive Recreation Programming
Standards of Practice

To provide a diverse system of parks that support healthy lifestyles, strengthen our community, enrich our economy, and protect and sustain our environment. 

Inclusive Recreation Philosophy
Inclusive/Adaptive recreation takes place when individuals of all abilities participate in a recreational activity together in an attempt to decrease barriers to leisure by utilizing adaptations and programming accommodations. The concept of inclusive recreation makes it possible for individuals to choose from a vast array of programs offered by Collier County Parks and Recreation.
• Inclusion is about ensuring appropriate choices, having support, having connections and being valued.
• Inclusion enhances personal growth and social sensitivity, including greater compassion and respect for others.
• Inclusion provides people with disabilities opportunities to imitate and model the behavior of peers without disabilities.
• Inclusion creates a positive impact on the social development of all participants involved.
• Inclusion increases opportunities to acquire and perform lifelong recreation and collateral skills.

Program Goals
1. To promote and enhance quality of life
2. To provide opportunities of socialization
3. To promote emotional and psychosocial well being
4. To enhance or maintain physical abilities

Program Outcomes
1. Positive social interactions and friendships occur between individuals with and without disabilities.
2. Persons with disabilities are provided equal opportunities, support and encouragement.
3. Recreation and leisure skills are learned and practiced and participants are encouraged to continue participation in recreation programs.
4. Individualized supports and services are provided when the essential eligibility requirements for the activity are met and participation in the activity does not pose a safety risk to the individual or to others in the program.

Program Participation
Policies and Forms
It is the goal of the Collier County Parks and Recreation Inclusive/Adaptive Recreation Program to provide a positive, safe, and fun recreation experience for all individuals. We ask that parents/caregiver meet with staff in order to complete a Participant and Information Form once a year. If there are any changes within that year, parents/caregiver is responsible to update this information as soon as possible. This information will be used by staff to ensure that each participant receives the best experience possible.

Reasonable Accommodation
In order for individuals with disabilities to participate as fully as possible, reasonable accommodations are provided in accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reasonable accommodations are individualized techniques and resources used to enhance program participation without fundamentally altering a program.

Personal Care Assistance
The role of the Collier County Parks and Recreation Department is to provide recreation services for the community. Although Collier County Parks and Recreation does not provide personal care services, participants requiring personal care are encouraged to bring their own personal assistant for their benefit or to assist with each participants special needs. Personal care services include toileting, feeding, dressing and administering medications.

Collier County Parks and Recreation provides programs for people of all ages. The age listed in the brochure is based on an individual’s biological age. Collier County Parks and Recreation staff request that participants participate in age-appropriate activities based on developmental abilities.

Please, call For more information, or to request assistance contact Adaptive Inclusive Recreation, at 239-252-4184 or