The mission of the Pollution Control Section is to protect, preserve, and restore our water and other natural resources through monitoring, pollution prevention, education, and remediation programs.

Ninety-six percent of Collier County’s drinking water comes from underground aquifers, which are replenished by surface water that filters down through porous soils. Any  pollutants that end up on the land surface or in canals and lakes could eventually be found in the County’s drinking water supply.

This Mission is met through the implementation of the following programs. Each program’s goal is directly aligned with the mission and the Pollution Control Ordinance 2019-17

  • Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
    • Groundwater Sampling
    • Surface Water Sampling
    • Laboratory Services
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Compliance
  • Sludge Transportation & Disposal Management
  • Pollution Complaint Investigation
  • Wellfield Protection
  • Stormwater Permit Compliance
  • Education and Outreach

To Report Pollution or Illegal Dumping

Additional Help

  • RED TIDE HOTLINE: 239-252-2591         
  • If requesting a records search for a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), regarding an environmental cleanup for hazardous materials or substances, petroleum spills or incidents, or any past or present groundwater, surface water, soil or other environmental investigations, please contact Collier County Pollution Control at
  • It is recommended that you also contact Florida Department of Environmental Protection South District Office at 239-344-5600 ; and Collier County Solid & Hazardous Waste Division at
  • If sampling is required for development, review the guidance on the provisions of LDC 3.08.00 A.4.d                

The programs and services provided to the Collier County citizens can be found in greater detail to the upper left under the various Pollution Control Section links

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Updated 07/31/2019