Water Quality Monitoring

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Water quality monitoring within Collier County is completed by multiple divisions.  See below for an overview of water quality monitoring programs and available data.

Accredited field sampling team (l to r) Geoff Rosenaw, Chris Lienhardt, Danny Berger, and Josh Gravlin

Pollution Control’s accredited field sampling team (from left to right) Geoff Rosenaw, Chris Lienhardt, Danny Berger,
and Josh Gravlin

Pollution Control

Pollution Control is responsible for monitoring and assessing Collier County’s non-tidal water resources through the collection and analysis of surface and ground water samples. Monitoring programs include non-tidal surface water, ground water and sediment quality. Project goals include tracking long-term water quality trends, identifying chronic pollution inputs, providing data to support the Total Maximum Daily Load Program (TMDL), provide support for water resources management decisions and meeting the mandates of the County’s Growth Management and Watershed Management Plans. For more information, click here


Coastal Zone Management

Cocohatchee River Estuary-- The Coastal Zone Management is charged with protecting the County’s estuarine ecosystems. The purpose of this program is to be able to assess any positive or negative trends in the health of the Cocohatchee Estuarine system. The information obtained will be used as baseline water quality data for this estuary. For more information, click here


Pelican Bay Services District (coming soon

Clam Bay Watershed


Click here for a map of all water quality monitoring sites in Collier County.


Updated March 3, 2017