Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are any items or activities prohibited on the bus?

  • Are bicycles allowed on the bus?

  • Are bus passes available?

  • Can a Marco Express 30 day pass be used freely on all other bus routes?

  • Can riders bring a wheelchair or scooter on board?

  • Does Collier Area Transit operate on holidays?

  • How do I apply for Paratransit Service?

  • How do you create an MSTU?

  • How much is bus fare?

  • I am certified for paratransit services in another state and I am relocating to Collier County, will my certification be accepted?

  • Public Transportation (CAT) Information?

  • Still need help or have a question?

  • What changes in service are expected as a result of the Radio Road CAT facility construction?

  • What is an MSTU?

  • What is flag down service and how do I know if my route is designated as such?

  • What is the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program?

  • When do the buses run?

  • Where can I pick up a system map?