Read Route Time Schedule

 Times are provided for each time point noted on the schedule.  Time points are identified by a number within a circle on the detailed route maps.  To determine the approximate time that the bus is scheduled to depart the location and to get to your desired stop find the two time points that your starting point bus stop falls between.

 How to Read Time Table

For example, if you are at a bus stop that is located between time points 2 and 3 for Route 11 above, and are traveling in the morning around the 7:00 hour, it is recommended that you be at you bus stop at least by 7:37 a.m. but no later than 7:46 a.m.  If you which to catch Route 11 at one of it time point locations, it is recommended that you get to the bus stop at least five minutes prior to the estimated arrival time.

The Route Schedule reads from left to right with the times progressing as the get to each time point starting with time point #1 until the last time point which is the end of the route.  The schedule then begins again at time point #1.  Each route is structured the same as described above.

The shaded areas on the schedule denotes the time schedule for Sunday Service.  If a schedule does not contain shaded area, it means the route does not have Sunday service.

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