Ride CAT with Your Bicycle  Read Route Time Schedule

Route Information (Schedules and Times)

Collier Area Transit is always looking into ways to make riding CAT easier, we know that people have different preferences when it comes to looking up ride times.

CAT has recently upgraded its Passenger Real Time Information, you now have all the CAT schedule information at your finger tips. Some of the new features include Trip Planner, Multi Route Map, and Stop Lookup to name a few. Our favorite is the account setup, you can now setup an account and receive alerts for a specific route or system. You can also set it up to alert you when the bus is 10 min away from your stop, take look and use all the new features Click Here for Real Time Information. Whether you using you computer or smart phone the same features are available to use. Hint: if you are using your smart phone for the trip planner enable pop ups.

If you would like to use thePrinted Schedules but have questions on how to to plan you trip click here for some helpful tips to reading the printed schedules.

CAT has submitted all of its datainto Google Maps, so you can use the trip planner. Be sure to select the transit Icon to get all the schedule information. Go to google.com/maps

Google Trip Planner

If you have questions on how to use any of these or have difficult time determining which buses to take, please call us at 239-252-7777 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.


Helpful Hints

  • Be at your bus stop five minutes before the scheduled arrival time.
  • Have your smartcard; daily pass or exact fare ready. Sorry drivers nor farebox provide change.
  • Check the destination sign above the windshield to ensure you are boarding the correct route.
  • Tap your smartcard; swipe your daily or transfer pass; or insert you’re the correct fare into the farebox. Wait to hear the chime before boarding.
  • Be courteous to fellow passengers. No smoking; drinking; eating; gambling; littering; yelling and listening to music without headphones are not allowed.
  • Collier Area Transit is unable to transport large items such as surfboards, large strollers or anything else that would block the vehicle's aisles. Smaller strollers are permitted.
  • Bicycles may be transported using the bike rack located at the front of each vehicle.
  • Pets are not allowed, except for guide/assistance animals.
  • Shirts and shoes are required.
  • Remain seated while the bus is moving. Keep exits and aisles free from obstruction.
  • Please request your stop one block before you need to exit the bus.


Taking you Bicycle with you may make you travel easier please click hear and find out how to ride CATwith your Bicycle.