Public Transit Advisory Committee


The Public Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC) provides a forum for public and special-needs transportation concerns within Collier County. The committee meetings provide the opportunity for public input regarding significant transportation issues with the Collier County Area Transit System. 

 Committee Members

Mr. Art Dobberstein    (04/09/19 03/22/22)

Mr. John DiMarco III     ( 04/09/19 03/22/22)

Ms. Sonja Samek       ( 10/23/18 03/22/21) 


Mr. Harold G. Weeks  (04/24/18 03/22/21)

Mr. James  Bennett  01/14/20 03/22/23

Mr. James Caton    (03/12/19 03/22/22) 

Mr. Clifford Donenfeld  (03/12/19 03/22/20)


2020  Meetings

January 21st  February 25th March   April May  
 Agenda Agenda    



2019 Meetings

January 15th                February 19TH              March 19th           April 16th                   May 21st                    June         
Agenda Agenda   Agenda   Agenda     Agenda             Cancelled                 
Minutes Minutes   Minutes  Minutes       Minutes 


July 16th    August 20th                       September                          October 15th                       November/cancelled!     December 17th                                
Agenda   Agenda   Cancelled   Agenda     Agenda 
  Minutes     Minutes     



2018 Meetings

January 16th       February 20th             March 20th April                    May 30th         June 19th 
Agenda  Agenda Agenda                 Agenda  Agenda
Minutes Minutes Minutes No meeting  Minutes  N/A - No Quorum


July 17th       August 21st         September 11                      October 30th        November   December 18th      
  Agenda Agenda Cancelled No Quorum Agenda   Agenda
.Minutes Minutes Notes-Minutes Minutes   Minutes



2017 Meetings


 July 18th      

 August 15th                        

September           October               November              December             
 Agenda  Agenda  Cancelled  Agenda    Cancelled      Agenda      
 Minutes  Minutes    Minutes     Minutes

 January 17th    February  21st                March 21st            April                  May 16th          June               
 Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  Cancelled  Agenda  Cancelled
 Minutes  Minutes  Minutes    Minutes  


2016 Meetings

January       February              March                      April 19th              May  17th              June              
 Agenda  Cancelled  Cancelled   Agenda  Agenda  Agenda
 Minutes       Minutes  Minutes  Minutes


 July 19th      August 16th     September  20th     October  18th         November  22     December 20    
 Cancelled  Cancelled  Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  Cancelled
     Minutes  Minutes  No Quorum  



2015 Meetings

 January 20th   February 17th    March  17th    April 21st         May 19th             June 16th            
 Agenda  Agenda    Agenda   
 Minutes Cancelled  Minutes  Cancelled    Minutes      Cancelled


 July 21st                August 18th    September  15th     October 20th         November   December        
 Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  



 Minutes  Minutes        


 2014 Meetings
 January 21st  February 18th     March 20th      April 15th    May 20th  June 17th 
 Agenda  Agenda  Agenda    Agenda  Agenda
 Minutes  Minutes  Minutes  Cancelled  Minutes  Minutes
   Lee Rail Study        
  July 15th   August 28th      September 16th       October        21st   November        18th   December     16th 
   Agenda   Agenda     Agenda  
 Cancelled   Minutes  Minutes Cancelled   Minutes  Cancelled


 2013 Meetings
 July 16 August 20th September 17th  October 15th  November 19th  December 18th 
 Agenda  Agenda   Agenda   Agenda     Agenda
 Minutes  Minutes  Minutes  Minutes  Cancelled  Minutes
 Ord. 2001-55  COA Report        
 Res. 2013-50          
 Sunshine Law