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Public Utilities Planning and Project Management Division

Main contact number: 239-252-8836.

Contact us for information concerning current and/or future water, wastewater, or irrigation quality reuse water projects.


Feir Bryan Administrative Assistant 239-252-5381 239-273-8351 Administration Team
Rainey Jennifer Operations Analyst 239-252-8836 239-269-2404 Administration Team
Bogaert Joseph Sr. Tech Support Prof 239-315-2137 239-315-2137 Automation Team
Ford Corey Sr. Programmer Analyst 239-252-4216 239-825-4259 Automation Team
Neal Duane Sr. Tech Support Prof 239-285-9296 239-285-9296 Automation Team
Raabe Mike Principal Project Manager 239-252-5379 239-537-6819 Automation Team
Stolts Anthony Sr. Project Manager 239-252-5835 239-821-6767 Automation Team
Chmelik Tom Director 239-252-6213 239-438-0824 EPMD Director
Fey Eric Sr. Project Manager 239-252-1037 239-572-0043 Planning Team
Nicholson Joanna Associate PM 239-252-5377 Planning Team
Greco Alberto Field Inspector 239-963-5050 239-963-5050 QA/QC Team
Grossenbaugh Dustin Senior Field Inspector 239-252-5341 239-465-1402 QA/QC Team
Mitchell Joe Inspector 239-571-1954 239-571-1954 QA/QC Team
Morris Casey Inspector 239-269-6379 239-269-6379 QA/QC Team
Rosa Bill Field Inspector 239-269-3114 239-269-3114 QA/QC Team
Yarnell Justin Field Inspector 239-877-8282 QA/QC Team
DelToro Zamira Project Manager 239-252-6279 239-877-8338 Wastewater Team
Eick John Sr. Project Manager 239-252-5345 239-877-8289 Wastewater Team
Karlovich Wayne Sr. Project Manager 239-252-5372 239-285-4626 Wastewater Team
Pajer Craig Principal Project Manager 239-252-2554 239-269-1889 Wastewater Team
Stevens Michael Sr. Project Manager 239-252-2589 239-877-7192 Wastewater Team
Trtan Corinne Project Manager 239-252-4233 239-877-8288 Wastewater Team
Schalt Pete Sr. Project Manager 239-252-5343 239-269-4938 Wastewater Team
Abbott Alicia Project Manager 239-252-5344 239-877-8275 Water Team
Bullert Ben Sr. Project Manager 239-252-2583 239-877-6339 Water Team
Dueri Diana Project Manager 239-252-4218 239-601-1290 Water Team
Fandrich Shon Sr. Project Manager 239-252-5338 239-315-2181 Water Team
Martinez Oscar Principal Project Manager 239-252-6214 239-580-9380 Water Team
Sivert Tom Sr. Project Manager 239-252-5376 239-821-8876 Water Team