Property Leasing, Property Management & Lake Trafford Memorial Gardens

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BuildingProperty Leasing & Property Management:
Leasing activities for Collier County include the leasing of improved and unimproved property for County purposes. While most leases are for office space, the County does lease vacant land as well. Rental payments exceed $1.9 million annually.

Where possible, the County leases its property to others for compatible uses. Examples include land for Naples Zoo, cellular towers and various recreational purposes, and offices for legislative officers. On occasion Licenses are issued to not-for-profit organizations for holding special events on County property.  Current annual rental income exceeds $480,000.

If interested in leasing property to or from Collier County, please email Mr. Michael Dowling at:

Lake Trafford Memorial Gardens Cemetery:

Lake Trafford Memorial Gardens cemetery in Immokalee is owned and operated by Collier County. The 20-acre site was originally developed in 1964 as a cemetery for indigent burials but later was made available for public use. In addition to the indigent section, the cemetery has infant, veteran and non-veteran adult sections.

Standard Adult - $375
Veteran - $150
Infant - $100

The owner is responsible
for securing a vault and interment.

Markers are limited to granite or brass head markers installed at ground level. Above-ground vaults, headstones, arches, shrines, fences, or other structures are not permitted. Planting of trees, flowers, and shrubberies is also prohibited.

The Cemetery is located west of Immokalee on Little League Road north of Lake Trafford Road (CR 850).

Cemetery hours are between 7 am and 7 pm.

If you have questions regarding the Cemetery or an interest in purchasing a burial plot, please email Ms. Deborah Goodaker at: