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The Collier County Adopt-A-Road program is an environmental program of public/private partnership that is dedicated to providing safe and clean roads through removal of roadside litter.

Caring for the World We Live in...And Working for a Better Community

In 1989 Collier County  initiated the Adopt-A-Road Program. The process of friendly persuasion such as ongoing litter prevention programs, the printing and distribution of brochures and posters, and the enforcement of the Litter Laws are certainly beneficial, but not enough to win the war on roadside litter.

Trash along the roadside destroys the natural beauty and aesthetics of any road. Volunteers are needed to make a positive statement to visitors and residents regarding litter along Collier County roadways.

The Collier County Adopt-A-Road Program encourages citizens to demonstrate civic pride by taking group action to help keep county roads beautiful and free of litter. These cleanup efforts also reduce taxpayer road expenses by approximately $250,000 per year.

Collier County is a beautiful area, but the most scenic drive can be ruined by the sight of trash along the roadside. The Collier County Adopt-A-Road Program has grown in popularity doubling to approximately 90 sponsor groups.

Through this program, local civic, community, neighborhood and business groups can adopt a two-mile segment of roadway, whereby they enter into an agreement with the County to pick up litter on a monthly basis. Groups are required to attend a meeting, organized by the sponsor, to review safety guidelines and procedures. The sponsor will be provided with literature on safety tips and procedural guidelines by the county.

Collier County's Road Maintenance Division provides signs stating which organization adopted and cleans a specific section of roadway; furnishes safety vests, pick-up sticks and trash bags. The bagged  litter is then hauled away by Road and Bridge Maintenance.

The Adopt-A-Road Program is an excellent example of the private and public sector working together to solve a mutual problem. Not only does the program free up Collier County Road Maintenance employees and funds to concentrate on other necessary road work, but it gives adopting groups a sense of ownership over public lands and provides a way for them to contribute to their community. The County recommends that adopting groups turn in aluminum cans, glass bottles and other recyclables that are picked up as a way to generate money for their organization, or for a charity of their choice. If you are interested in Adopting a certain Collier County roadway, please call the number listed below for verification of availability.

Become involved in the War Against Trash - Adopt-a Road.



For additional information or an application please contact:

Diane Lynch, Adopt-A-Road Coordinator

Collier County Road Maintenance Division

4800 Davis Blvd.
Naples, Florida 34104
PH: (239) 252-8924
Fax: (239) 774-6406



                                                     Updated May 4, 2018