Litter Abatement Procedure

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  1. Potential sponsoring organizations should contact the Collier County Adopt-A-Road Coordinator for copy of agreements.

  2. The signed copy of the agreement should be returned to the Adopt-A-Road Coordinator for approval by the Board of Collier County Commissioners.

  3. The original of the executed agreement will be retained by Collier County, and one copy will be returned to the organization.

  4. Upon receipt of the executed agreement, the Adopt-A-Road Coordinator will order appropriate permanent sign for the group at no cost to group. Costs will be borne by the Road and Bridge Maintenance  Department.

  5. Each participating group will conduct at least two safety procedure meetings per year for all participating members and will be supplied with the pertinent safety regulations. The group chairman shall certify that each participating member has attended the safety class prior to the member taking part in the program.

  6. The Adopt-A-Road Coordinator will coordinate litter control efforts with the organization and will be responsible to provide safety vests, signs, and litter bags. Local organization will be responsible for the equipment's return to the Adopt-A-Road Coordinator upon termination of the contract. The Adopt-A-Road Coordinator will also schedule litter pick-up after litter control efforts as soon as practical.

  7. Litter abatement report form will be provided to organizations by the Adopt-A-Road Coordinator. The form must be completed after each litter abatement activity and returned to the Adopt-A-Road Coordinator. The Adopt-A-Road Coordinator will complete appropriate documentation after each litter pick-up and will maintain files of all Adopt-A-Road activities.