Road Maintenance Division

4800 Davis Boulevard
Naples, Florida 34104
PH: (239) 252-8924 | Fax: (239) 774-6406

Albert English, Director, Road Maintenance and Landscape Division

Albert English, Director, Road Maintenance Division


Frank Laco, Superintendent, Road Maintenance Division


Vacant, Safety Coordinator / Work Zone Inspector 

This position is responsible for providing training and ensuring safety to employees of the division. This position is a Work Zone Inspector which entails inspecting County and private Contractors who are working on roadways.


Marshal Miller, Supervisor, Road Maintenance

The Area One Supervisor is responsible for the East -West line on Golden Gate Parkway from the Gulf to I-75 then following I-75 to the east to align with CR 92 (not to include the City of Naples or Marco Island). Also, crews such as bridge inspections and maintenance, as well as heavy equipment transport as needed.


Darren Duprey, Supervisor, Road Maintenance

The Area Two Supervisor is responsible for  north of Golden Gate Parkway and west of CR951 to the Collier-Lee County lines.


Scott Pickens

Scott Pickens, Supervisor, Road Maintenance

The Area Three Supervisor is responsible for north of I-75, east of Santa Barbara/Logan Blvd, along Vanderbilt Beach Rd to Collier Blvd, along Immokalee Rd, extending north to 33rd Ave NW at the Twin Eagles Ditch, south of 33rd Ave NW/NE/Oil Well Road Road to east of Desoto Blvd.


Jon Vortherms
Jon Vortherms, Supervisor, Road Maintenance 

The Area Four Supervisor is responsible for and is stationed in Immokalee Florida at the Sgt. Joe Jones Rd facility. Area Four spans from Lee and Hendry County lines in NE Collier County, south through the City of Immoklaee to Chokoloskee Island then east to the Dade County line and Golden Gate Estates from Oil Well Road to the North.

 Road Maintenance Staff

William Alan Booker, Supervisor, Road Maintenance, County Wide

The Countywide Supervisor position is responsible for all the pipe cleaning and sweeper trucks.  Also, heavy equipment transportation, grabber truck operations and illegal dumping removal for the Road Maintenance Division.



Mark Martin, Supervisor, Vegetation Management 

This Supervisor is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 180 miles of secondary canals, 230 miles of tertiary canals, 47 Weirs/structures.



Vacant, Maintenance Manager, Road Maintenance



Mike Stone, Sr. Field Inspector, Bridges



Mohammad Baqeri, Inspector, Road Maintenance


Brian Hodgson Road Maintenance Inspector
Brian Hodgson, Inspector, Road Maintenance

Inspector Photo
Alex Blanco, Inspector, Road Maintenance

Raymond Gonzalez Road Maintenance Inspector
Raymond Gonzalez, Inspector, Road Maintenance

Joe Delate
Joe Delate, Principal Project Manager, Landscape Operations

Pam Lulich, Operations Manager, Landscape Operations


Katherine Chachere
Katherine Chachere, Project Manager, Landscape Operations


James McCord, Manager, Landscape Operations

James McCord, Operations Manager, Landscape Operations


Tom Fahey, Supervisor, Landscape Operations



 Larry Humphries

Larry Humphries, Supervisor, Landscape Operations


Jason Collett, Sr. Field Supervisor, Landscape Operations



Dan Smith, Sr. Field Supervisor, Landscape Operations




Shekhar Kumar, Inspector, Landscape Operations


Arnaldo Martinez, Inspector, Landscape Operations

Hery Nunez, Inspector, Landscape Operations

Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson, County Surveyor



Daryle Bucel, Survey Technician


 Mike Petraitis

Mike Petraitis, Warehouse Parts Manager 


 John Rupe

John Rupe, Warehouse Parts Clerk



VACANT, Operations Supervisor 



Samantha Roe, Operations Coordinator


Judy Sizensky
Judy Sizensky, Operations Coordinator 


Dawn Wolfe
Dawn Wolfe, Senior Operations Analyst


Leigh Blackburn, Operations Analyst 



Lilla Davis, Operations Analyst

Melissa Pearson

Melissa Pearson, Contracts Administration Specialist



Collier County Road Maintenance
4800 Davis Boulevard
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