Frequently Asked Questions

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Road Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I get a pot-hole fixed?

  • How often are the right-of-ways mowed in the rural areas of Collier County?

  • How often will my road be graded?

  • I live on a private road and pay taxes, why won't the County pave/repair my road?

  • My culvert pipe is stopped up, how can I get it opened?

  • Right-Of-Way Permitting / Inspection

  • Right-Of-Way Temporary Sign Permit

  • There is a dead animal in the road, whom should I call?

  • There's litter all over the road, who do I call to get it removed?

  • There's water standing in my swales/ditch, what will the county do about it?

  • What are the requirements to apply for a Right-of-Way permit?

  • What is Collier County's responsibility regarding drainage culverts?

  • What is the maximum width for a residential driveway?

  • When do I need a Right-of-Way permit?

  • When will my road be paved?

  • Who can I call about swales / ditches that are not draining?

  • Who do I contact about weed removal from canals and lakes?

  • Who do I contact to determine if a road is County Maintained.

  • Who is responsible for sidewalk repairs?