Landscape Operations

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Our Mission

To provide and maintain a signature appearance of major roadways through landscaping that reflects the unique character of Naples, Collier County, Florida.

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What we do

  • Design and construct landscaping and irrigation of major roadways
  • Roadway landscape and irrigation maintenance
  • Landscape agreements for private communities desiring to beautify their roadway entry and public streets adjacent to private properties

The success of the signature appearance of Collier County's roadway landscaping was approved by the Board of County Commissioner's in early 2003 through the establishment of a Landscape Beautification Master Plan. The benefits of landscaping include traffic calming, screening of adjacent properties, improved property values, and creates a pleasant community ambiance.

The schedule for landscape construction of the Collier County Landscape Beautification Master Plan, is based on landscape and irrigation to follow the Transportation Engineering's five (5) year Road Construction Work Plan. This action assures that the landscaping is constructed following current and future road construction plans.

From the Collier County, Florida Land Development Code:

B. Effect of the Collier County Streetscape Master Plan."Collier County Streetscape Master Plan", 
"Construction Standards Handbook for Work Within the Public Rights-of-Way Collier County, Florida" and the "Golden Gate Community Roadways Beautification Master Plan (Sections 1-4)." Street corridors identified in Section 2 and Figure E.1 of the "Collier County Streetscape Master Plan," the "Construction Standards Handbook for Work Within the Public Rights-of-Way Collier County, Florida" and the "Golden Gate Community Roadways Beautification Master Plan", including areas within the right-of-way and on required buffers adjacent to the right-of-way, shall adhere to the requirements of these documents.



Q: How is the Roadway Landscape irrigation controlled?
Collier County Landscape Operations uses a digital radio system by Motorola thru a central repeater tower county wide.

Q: How are landscape projects selected?
The Landscape Beautification Master Plan was approved by the BCC in 2003, after roads are widened, and funding is available, they are landscaped based on the completion of roadway projects.

Q: Who maintains roadway medians?
Arterial and collector Roadways are maintained by the Road Maintenance Division's Landscape Operations Section, if the roadway is not landscaped, mowing maintenance is responsibility of the Road and Bridge Maintenance Division, Some roadways are being maintained by Municipal Service Taxing Units or Roadways within County system, which are not constructed or maintained through Landscape Beautification Master Plan. 

Q: What kind of water does the County use for irrigating roadway landscaping?
Collier County Landscape Operations is diligent in using irrigation quality reused water on 80% of the roadway landscaping. The irrigation quality reclaimed water is in line with Florida standards for irrigation quality reuse.

Q: When do I need a Landscape Maintenance Agreement (LMA)?
 landscape maintenance agreement (LMA) is needed in all instances when proposing landscape irrigation within the rights-of-way with one exception which is addressed through an exemption application. Click to the reference link for information regarding LMA or exemptions.

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