Limerock Road Conversion Program & Grading Cycle

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Limerock Road Conversion Program and Tentative Grading Cycle

Beginning in FY 06-07, the Road Maintenance Division initiated the Limerock Road Conversion Program.  This program is designed to convert all remaining limerock roads in Golden Gate Estates, to asphalt.

Under the original program with the allocated funding, approximately three (3) miles of roads were converted each year. 

Originally, when one mile of road (5,280 ft) had a total number of 10 homes, or at least one home per 528 feet, that road would be placed on the conversion schedule.  For a number of years, this program was adequate for the needs of the County.   The 'Ten   Homes per Roadway Mile' rule of thumb has been replaced with the 'Cost Benefit' rule, per Administrative direction.

The 'Cost Benefit' rule determines the largest number of homes per roadway mile (similar to the original program) but now prioritizes roads that would immediately benefit and places them into the schedule accordingly.

At the May 14, 2013 Board of County Commissioners (BCC) Meeting the Board unanimously approved the re-initialization of the Limerock Road Conversion Program. The first five limerock roads to be converted were prioritized based on the criteria described above, and approved by the Board at the July 9, 2013 BCC Meeting. The first five converted limerock  road were completed as of September 30, 2013. 

The limerock roads that are scheduled, to be converted within Fiscal Year 2019 (October 1, 2018 - September 30, 2019) are listed below. 

This work is pending funding and BCC approval.

The listing below does not necessarily represent the order in which the roadways will be completed.

The list of roadways immediately below were completed Fiscal Year 2018/2019. Last updated April 2019.

8th St NW (South) 25th Ave NW
37th Ave NW (West) Wilson
40th Ave SE (East) Everglades
2nd Ave NE (East) Desoto
28th ave SE (West) Desoto
62nd Ave NE (West) Everglades
38th Ave SE (East) Desoto
6th Ave NE (East) Desoto
8th Ave SE (East) Desoto
32nd Ave SE (West) Desoto
Whitaker Santa Barbara
Crews Rd Santa Barbara
38th Ave SE (West) Desoto
36th Ave SE (East) Desoto


The following are the remaining limerock roadway(s) to be converted as funding allows. The remaining roadways will be prioritized annually based on the criteria listed above.

The listing below does not reflect any established priority.

40th Avenue      SE       (West)      Desoto
28th Avenue      SE       (East)        Desoto                                                                                                                                                                                      40th Avenue      SE       (East)        Desoto
70th Avenue      NE      (East)        40th St NE
70th Avenue      NE      (West)       40th St NE
5th Street          SW      (South)     16th Ave SW
47th Avenue      NE      (West)      40th St NE
54th Avenue      NE      (West)      40th St NE
58th Avenue      NE      (East)        Desoto
45th Avenue      NE      (West)      40th St NE
13th Street        SW      (South)     16th Ave SW
62nd Avenue     NE       (East)       Desoto 
11th Street        SW      (South)     16th Ave SW 
9th Street          SW      (South)     16th Ave SW 
45th Avenue     NW      (West)     Wilson 
22nd Avenue     NE       (East)      Desoto 
24th Avenue      NE       (East)      Desoto
47th Avenue      NW     (West)     Wilson 
1st Avenue        NW     (West)     Weber 
3rd Avenue        SW      (West)    Weber 
16th Avenue      SW      (West)    23rd St SW 
10th Avenue      NE       (East)      Desoto
12th Avenue      NE       (East)      Desoto 
18th Avenue      NE       (East)      Desoto 
27th Avenue      NE       (East)      Desoto 
29th Avenue      NE       (East)      Desoto 
33rd Avenue      NE       (East)      Desoto 
14th Avenue      NE       (East)      Desoto
20th Avenue      NE       (East)      Desoto
4th Street          NW      (South)    25th Ave NW
43rd Avenue      NW      (West)    Wilson
9th Street          NW      (North)    41st Ave NW
36th Avenue      SE        (West)    Desoto 
41st Avenue      NW      (West)    9th St NW 
43rd Avenue      NW      (West)    9th St NW
Wilson Blvd.                  (North)   47th Ave NW
Randall Blvd                   (East)     Desoto

Grading Cycle for Limerock Roads /  October 1, 2018

 The grading cycle for remaining limerock roads is approximately every 12 weeks.

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Updated 04/16/2019