Routine Maintenance Activities

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Description Description
Asphalt Repair
Outfall Ditches-Clean and Repair
Emergency Maintenance Small/Intermediate Machine Mowing
Base Repair
Large Machine Mowing
Pressure Grouting
Landscape Area Maintenance
Concrete Pavement Joint Repair
Chemical Weed and Grass Control
Concrete Slope Pavement Joint Repair
Concrete Pavement Surface Repair
Tree Trimming and Removal
Motor Grader Operation
Non-Paved Shoulder Maintenance
Guardrail Repair
Fence Repair
Seeding, Fertilizing and Mulching
Pavement Marking Maintenance
Road Sweeping (Mechanical, including Bridges)              Raised Pavement Marker Replacement           
Miscellaneous Slope and Ditch Repair
Graffiti Removal
Clean Drainage Structures
    Roadside Litter Removal       
Repair or Replace Storm Drains
Roadside Ditches-Clean and Reshape
Concrete Repair
Sidewalk Repair