Standard Work Zone Signs

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The Worker sign warns of workers in or near the roadway.

Flagger Sign

The Flagger sign warns drivers they are approaching a location where traffic will be controlled by a flagger.

Road Work 1000 ft

The Road Work sign provides general warning of a highway work zone ahead. This sign indicates a work zone 1,000 feet ahead.

Merge Ahead Sign

Lane reduction signs are used on multi-lane roadways to warn of a reduction in the number of lanes available for travel in one direction. This sign advises drivers that the left lane is closed.

Lane Shift Right Arrow

Lane Shift Left Arrow

Flashing arrow boards warn drivers that the lane they are traveling in is closing ahead and a lane change is required. The arrow direction will indicate which lane is open for travel.

Driver Use Caution signal

When only the four corners of the board are flashing, drivers must use caution, but do not change lanes. This light pattern is also used when work is on the shoulder of the roadway.