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Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Facilities:

The solid waste management infrastructure provides a strong foundation to continue providing best value solid and hazarous waste management services for the future.  As the county's population grows, so does the need to provide convenient recycling opportunities.  New facilities are developed to enhance the current integrated solid waste management system by increasing customer convenience and operational flexibility, while minimizing the pervasive risk  of illegal dumping that adversely affects the county and its sensitive environment.   The county currently owns and operates four recycling drop-off centers, three landfills, and one transfer station.  In May 2011, Waste Management Inc., of Florida, completed construction of the Landfill Gas to Energy Plant; a turnkey operation built and operated by Waste Management at the Collier County Landfill.   Future projects include one new recycling drop-off center, and one resource recovery park.

List of Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Facilities:

Collier County Landfill

Hazardous Materials Collection Center

Eustis Landfill

Immokalee Landfill and Transfer Station

Landfill Gas to Energy Plant

Naples Recycling Drop-off Center

Marco Island Recycling Drop-off Center

North Collier Recycling Drop-off Center

Carnestown Recycling Drop-off Center 

Northeast Recycling Drop-Off Center